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How do I make a force ghost?

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Hello. When seeing the versions of force ghost from Movie Duels, I get the question of whether a force ghost can be created from other models like anakin. and if this is how it is possible to convert them into force ghost. I would like to learn how to do it for my personal use and so anyone who reads this and has the same doubt that I can also learn and enrich this great community. Greetings and may the force be with you if you are reading this, whether you have the answer or not. thank you very much really.

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Yes, any model can be turned transparent through the use of shaders. You may also have to edit the textures to get the best results. I don't have time to go into the details.

However, this may reveal geometry inside the model. For example models often have the inside of their mouth modelled so that they can open it and talk, and if you simply made everything transparent, you would permanently see their transparent teeth inside their head. 😬 So you may have to make additional changes for optimal results.

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Generally editing the textures is required to yield the best result, but you can also change the colour in a shader:

This is a hologram shader that works using only basegame textures, it could be adapted to work for force ghosts too - you'd just have to take out the noise and scanline effects 😉

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