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Raisin's Model-Shots (and maybe a few WIPs)

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On 7/25/2020 at 7:45 AM, Raisinbrand said:

This is Gwendolyn, but all her friends call her Oni. One part Dathomirian, one part N'Gai, all cheer.

She's a fashionista, can't you tell? 😎

She almost looks more like a Pantoran. These are really good though!

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Trouble on Quelii! 


This is a side story I'm working up for my some of my friends and me. It's not quite an arc, and plus 'saga' has a certain ring to it.

and also I'm going through DBZ for the first time and that also calls it sagas.

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My friends and I often ask around, "if your character could be in this or that universe, what character would they be?" I always thought my girl Siri would make a fun Supergirl. 

I extend the question to whoever reads this! If you have a custom character, what alternate universe would they be, and what kind of hero would they stand in for?

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This is 'Flame Princess' Kadiva Kyo. Yeah, I know she looks like Zuko! That's where I got inspiration for her. She is a powerful Force user, and avid practitioner of pyrokinesis (🔥). Her species was created by the wonderful ZelZel, they're called Mio. They're similar to the Shapers of Kro Var in that they use the Force and the four elements of nature for combat, meditation, and healing. Kadiva is super fun for me to play because while she uses a lot of fire, she is a total ice queen. 🧊👑

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On 9/18/2020 at 2:01 AM, Raisinbrand said:

Is the following NSFW if we have Slave Leia models? 🤔

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Dathomirian with pink dyed hair? Yes please. 😏

Let me know if I should take it down. 😇

What should be NSFW about it? You just put a character in a metal bikini, which is Star Wars related. If we can feature screenshots of the Leia in her metal bikini in the file section, this artwork shouldn't be an exception. However, it would be a completely different thing if it would contain full nudity.


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