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Regarding Duel of the Fates

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A question I'm sure on many minds right now; where is this updated Duel of the Fates?

The answer is simple: It's taking longer than expected.

I don't like that it's taken this long, it's a massive pain that it's been several months for one mission that's basically pre-made. However, with many changes going on in my life; a new job, a new home, and less time to work on the mod, it's difficult to find time to work on the mod.

You all have waited long enough, so I will be attempting to make the wait worth it.

Upon completion of Duel of the Fates' fixes for each POV, I will release the mission as an Open Beta, including the bonus cutscene in Palpatine's office for each respective POV.

I pray this can begin to make up what has been a very unbearably long wait, and I do apologize and I am very grateful for your patience.

Obi-Wan's POV is nearly completed, with the good and bad endings remaining. Upon completion, it will be released, followed eventually by Obi-Wan's extended endings, then Qui-Gon, and finally Darth Maul respectively.

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