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This is a mod that aims to freshen and soften the main menus of both SP and MP of Jedi Academy. I always felt like the sounds and music for the menu were extremely harsh. Especially if you're playing late at night, you fire up JKA and click Play--BEEP! Ow. Click Join Serv--BEEP!

  • New sounds add a more subtle feel to your menu experience.
  • Music track for MP switched with the Yavin Temple explore music from JK2. Very peaceful feel, reminds me of the Jedi Academy map.
  • Same music track added to the SP menu (previously no music played)
  • Server list now shows more servers at a time, making the font smaller. Before it was huge and only showed around 10 at a time.
  • New video plays in the main menu, just to give it something new.
  • Server info window is now grey, so it's easier to see black names

Hopefully more changes will happen later. This is the first release.


Video demo:




This was a mod I've had in my base for years but never shared it. Decided to work on it a bit more and release it. It's hard NOT to use it now.


Also, keep in mind this won't work with other main menu mods, for the most part, if they edit the actual menu.


What's New in Version 1.1


  • Server info window is now grey, so it's easier to see black names

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I really like those new menu sounds; they're far less obnoxious than the originals. The music's a nice addition. I always brace myself to have my ears blasted off by the Base music whenever I've removed my usual edits. The music choice is a good one and sets a nice mood. ^.^ I agree that a change of video is a good thing, but it something just felt out of place with Hoth. The Raven's Claw arriving on Yavin IV from JK:O would probably be an ideal one, but that'd obviously have be put into the .pk3 as well. I wonder if you could have separate videos for MP and SP. Use the Wedge mission intro for MP (two x-wings) and use the Hoth one for SP (one x-wing.)


File's a keeper!

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I wanted a JK2 video, yeah. But wouldn't make sense for JKA. I wanted a JKA video that was long enough that didn't repeat a bunch, and that matched the music/mood. All the longer videos are action scenes. I wanted to make it pick a random video each time you brought it up, but not sure that's possible.

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i myself made a little mod that replaces the beeps of jka with kotor menu sounds, of course when clicking some things theres still a beep, but its not nearly as annoying as base

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Looks really cool Circa. Won't be able to test it for a few days (practically checking The Hub every now and then from my phone) but I like it so far based on the small demo video. I love the music too.

Hope it works in SP with CamSP and the "in game character selector menu" mod.



Edit: Excellent Job! Works like a charm in SP, even with my the CamSP and  "in game character selector menu" mods! 

:D  :winkthumb:

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Very nice. I really like the new sounds for the buttons, the subtle feel is far more relaxing for a menu.

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