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Savage Opress Robotic Arm & Hoods v2

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About This File

Since @DT85 wanted a version of Savage with Robotic arm I made one. I also made normal ones with hoods.


What's New in Version v2


  • One more version After this.
  • Made Savage's Robot Arm Darker.
  • Made the Face in hooded version darker.
  • Made both robe versions look less weird.

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Well I was planning on releasing a model just like this today, though after seeing this I am somewhat happy yet angry. Thank you for releasing something into the community, I could see some people enjoying this though sadly I am just plain disappointed. It is a unlucky coincidence. Now to my actual review :)


The robotic arm is most likely the main attraction here and I must say, it looks poor, you did not even reskin the obvious SBD arm or even take the lazy root of changing its tone. The robe is okay, though it just looks, well, weird. It is bigger then savage in width, and on the arms looks thick and ugly. You did not even bother to make the body or face look darker, its not like he has a cloak or anything on. I support you make future versions of this model. 

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@Jolly Yes I will and Like I said in the picture it the robe looks ugly ingame it does not, I just quickly made these. I am fairly happy with them but it is your choice Jolly. Sorry if I took your idea. I can put this down if you want.

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Nice Frankenstein. In contrast to @Jolly I was rather impressed by the way the cloak hasn't clipped very heavily with the shoulder armour. Doesn't seem too bulky to me, given that Savage is a bulky guy. The SBD arm could do with a touch-up in Photoshop though, to make it a little less obvious where it came from. Other than that, good job and keep it up!

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It's great to see these variants of opress, you might want to include DT's shader file for the armour though.

Anychance of merging them into one model file?

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It's great to see these variants of opress, you might want to include DT's shader file for the armour though.

Anychance of merging them into one model file?


Great work, intone should be pleased



@Ruxith I don't know how. @DT85 He wanted me to do 1 model the hooded one I said nah why don't I do 3 different versions. I couldn't of done it without your model though.

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I think this was pretty well done. I didn't want to have anything to do with JKHub anymore but I'll make any exception in this case. I'm glad something like this has finally been done--however, there are a few things I'd like to see changed:


*The cloak is rather large, and I think I understand why. You didn't want it to clip with the shoulder armor. While that is a good idea, a more efficient alternative would be to remove the shoulder armor.

*The textures on the prosthetic arm could do with an edit, as they weren't quite blue. :P

*Also regarding the prosthetic arm, it doesn't fully fill the gap where Savage's arm was cut off. I recommend scaling it or something--this would help in length too because it doesn't seem to be quite level with Savage's real arm.

*One thing that could really tie this up together is putting it in one model folder, so we have more variants to choose from. It actually makes all of these easily accessible--because say, if someone has a lot of files and they want to use all of these variants, they might not show up because they are put in different model folders.


That being said, I'm still grateful that this was done, and I look forward to any edits in the future.  :D

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Nice1 ! Although, I'm not sure the size of the robotic arm fits him well enough. Could you do something with the Hooded Palpatine model to help it look somewhat better like this? 

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Why not to try the T_Anakin's robe & hood?


That would actually be canonically inaccurate. Savage wore a Luke-style cloak in the comics, so yeah. :P


Dariannt, it looks much better! (Please remove your original image though.) What you should now do is edit the horns to being broken and size the prosthetic arm a little, or use a different one.

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