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About This File

Author: Spineless

Website: http://www.spbdesign.co.uk



Map Details:



Brush Count: 22,424 + ~9,000 in ASE Models

Entity Count: 3736

Build Time: 6 Years!

Compile Time: 30 Minutes


Custom Models: Yes

Custom Textures: Yes

Custom Shaders: Yes

Custom Effects: Yes

Custom Sounds: Yes

Custom Scripts: Yes

Botroute Support: Yes




About (History):



As many of you will know, (and for those who don't), I created a rough-round-the-edges representation of Joss Whedon's Serenity back in 2003 that I thoroughly enjoyed making - but in hindsight - could have done with a few more brushstrokes of accuracy.


So, 6 Years in the making and (I fear) 4 years too late, I have finally got around to releasing it! I firstly have to apologise to all those I have kept waiting. The problem with it all is that I'm too much of a perfectionist. Something that I will have created 3 months ago, will look dated to my eyes and need updating. Besides, bug fixing bores the ^&*! out of me, and the larger part of entity/script work is by it's nature - bug fixing.


So, as far as I know, this is about as close as anyone's come to completely recreating both the exterior AND interior of the ship. I will be the first to admit that there are currently many and far superior exterior models out there, but I don't think anyone has tackled the interior with any gusto. (Correct me if I'm wrong).






I am not ashamed to admit that this effort is far far far superior to its' predecessor. I have embellished the ship with every conceivable detail, and poured through tons of reference material in order to conceive the closest possible representation of the ship you all know and love so well. This map is largely overscaled, around 20-25% to allow for a reasonable chance at role-play/game play.


Serenity, as mentioned by it's design team, is one of those few sci-fi space vessels that doesn't suffer from the Tardis effect. (Being much bigger inside, than out). All that said, I couldn't for the life of me fit all the interior into the outer shell, without warping one or the other. I decided very early on that I would have to split the map into too. Besides, with Quake III's modest capabilities, a joining of the two parts would *slay* the user's fps.


This, in turn, created a whole heap of problems which I have had to work around. Firstly I have taken liberties with some of the design. The hangar-shuttle connection in the film and tv-series is pitched at being set at the top, roof level of the hangar. Yet the blueprints rest both on the level of the kitchen. This led to a design compromise, where the shuttle access ports rest in two side areas, either side of the kitchen with a ladder down to the hangar.


I have also taken liberties with all the secret passageways and any design element in between the areas seen on the show. I have included a fuel-room, (a mighty powerful engine needs one I figured) a nav control room, a light control room, a kitchen stock room, and a spare 'crew quarters' room. These are all accessible via secrets and secret passage-ways. (Explained below).






- Every possible area of Serenity seen in both tv-series and the movie.

- Scripted tiered secret system. Allowing you to unlock:

- The Medbay

- The Explosives Room

- The Main Hangar Door and Side Airlock

- Both Shuttles

- Navigation Controls

- Toggle-able Engine Thrusters

- Asteroid Script

- Sound Clip Easter Eggs

- Cockpit & Kitchen Light Switches

- Master Room/Airlock Override Switch



Secret Area Unlock System:



There are 10 secret areas in the map, (and one somewhere on the exterior). Discovering 2 secret areas will unlock a sealed area of the map in the order layed out above. If your stuck, look for the shady corporate (and blue) symbol that lies close to every secret.


Oh and press your "use" key whenever you see a Tracey's mp3 Player!



Other Notes:



Please refer to the Readme.txt for Known Issues/Bugs, Notes on Modding and how to access the Role-Playing version of the map.






- A big thankyou to Erwino and ReVa who have nudged me more than anyone to get this thing finished.

- The Whole of the {OJK} Clan, (particularly Marro & Predator) who have supported me throughout the project.

- Szico VII and Robophred for script inspiration and advice.

- ent for bug testing the open BETA vigourously.

- Lord Revian, Circa and the JKHub community for showing continued interest.

- AshuraDX for texture and shader help.

- General Jaxun for the "No Teleport" .pk3 Idea.

- Crazy Assassin for inspiring the Secret Area System.

- To the loyal followers of my Gamingforums thread: (Korro, Nozyspy, Zeig, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Raz0r, NAB622, Botdra Lar'les and the rest, you know who you are!)



Thanks for your patience and hope you enjoy it,







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Excellent map, the good number of bedrooms makes this perfect for RP.  The detail is quite good as well.

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I wish I could play this map in SinglePlayer :( it's giving me that awful no free entities error... Plus I had to delete a map object since it made my jasp.exe crash.

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you have to be logged into JK3Files to see the updates, I've submitted a few files but it took a while to get those lazy administrators to approve my files. However, just to warn you they never fixed the login system. the login system is out of wack and logs you in and out without noticed. Just create an account and go here: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/info/SubmitFiles

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I have not seen the series but from the screenshots provided this is appears to be beautifully crafted map. I look forward to testing it out sometime.

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This level is insane. It gets my vote for one of the best levels made for JK. It actually wouldnt load up at first until I fixed the errors. I got 2 errors: Maxmap filename for both exterior_kitchen_detailing AND exterior_cockpit_detailing. So I took those 2 files out and it doesn't seem to affect the level. I have seen this problem a few times before and corrected it the same way. If anyone else is having the same problem, that might affect downloads and everyones ability to play it. All in all, awesome level. So heres my vote in order of awesomeness: 1) Fearis incident 2) Blue Ice Twilight 3) Serenity. 

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Found 8 secrets.  Can't figure out the middle guest room vent.  Was the jetpack the only secret outside?

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