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  1. Im gonna test it if it works, i'll let you guys know. but yeah it plays it when you attack swing to activate jsut not manually... >.< annoying
  2. I've gone through and they all seem to be sampled at 44100 HZ. :/ I know of someone that had this issue and fixed it, trouble is he doesnt remember how.
  3. Hello! Having some trouble replacing the pathway for some customized sounds ingame. I've gone and replaced the pathway and double checked and tripple checked, the pathway is written out correctly, yet for some reason, i've gotten a confliction. two of the swing sounds wont play so there isn't sound for some of the swinging. Instead of using the new ignition, it's using the previous activation sound for the lightsaber that it was tied to via the .sab before hand. however if i press alt to activate the saber (because i dont have saber throw turned on) it WILL play the new sound. can you help? I've got no idea how to fix this. The below image is how it has been pathwayed in the .sab file this below image is the list of sounds for the lightsaber that it shouldn't be playing... the below image is the sounds that SHOULD be playing in response to the pathway
  4. Hello! me again, I was playing on The Force Unleashed the other day and playing the Emperical mission and remembered how awesome I thought the medical garb was so I was RP'ing yesterday and described that being the medical gear for my character so, I was wondering if anyone would be happy enough to do a female version of this | | v http://www.supercheats.com/guides/files/guid/star-wars-the-force-unleashed/holo48.jpg (back) http://www.supercheats.com/guides/files/guid/star-wars-the-forces-unleashed/imp.jpg (front) with the head/hair/face from DT's Mara Jade http://jkhub.org/index.php?app=downloads&module=display&section=screenshot&record=19799&id=1677&full=1 Pretty please It's probably possible to do it on that model anyway I reckon, I hope that someone can do this Also is it possible for anyone to do an extra one on the side? Because i'm trying to look for this model http:/img.photobucket.com/albums/v421/Neolilangel/galenbreak_zpsed54a55c.jpg and I haven't found a model of that so could anyone maybe do that model as well? If so, can you do a female version of it with hood up and hood down, same hair and face as the DT mara above please Thank you
  5. it's a shame he never released it or anything cause I thought that was a good model, best satele i've seen in fact...
  6. if link doesn't work, open it in tab and then delete the http:// and press enter or try http://imageshack.us/a/img59/4238/23316726.jpg
  7. Now true as it is, someone is working on a mara model for me and someone else (ty, can't wait for it!) but I noticed this http://image59.imageshack.us/img59/4238/23316726.jpg This someone's re-skin on a Serra Keto model for Satele Shan. based on her in the 'HOPE' trailer for TOR. Now i've searched and searched for this but I cannot find it so can someone pls manage to find this for me and link it here? or try and do the re-skin based off of what is seen here because I see this as a great work of art and the best Satele Shan model i've seen based from this http://www.manufato.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/satele-low-02.jpg
  8. Hey can you include a download link somewhere?? Lovin' it already!
  9. Thanks man! That's actually a great job! Can you put a link in for me to download it?? Although you could go further by adding the neck cloth and goggles however if you opt not to I'm fine with it Thanks by the way!!! http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/1/17/MaraJadeAtlas.jpg
  10. Oh I clicked copy and Ctrl + C on the link and then Ctrl + V and it wouldn't paste.
  11. Ok seeing rather than the Revan thing I thought this might actually be do-able.. And hopefully someone can do this favor for me seeing as I can't model or anything :S Again it's for my RP character and what i'm hoping for is a mix of two Mara Jade models. Mara Jade's Heir to the Empire model www.Jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Mara_Jade_Heir_to_the_empire_Jumsuit;94140 with the custom Mara Jade model www.jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Mara_Jade;25065 I'd like for the legs on the Heir to the Empire model be replaced with the ones from the Mara Jade model so it includes the blaster pistol in the holster and such but the legs to change colour from brown to black if possible. As well as the head from the Mara Jade custom to replace the Heir to the Empire head (so we're using the Heir to the Empire pretty much as the main model here) the head thats replacing it if possible I would like to be the hair that's flowing, pretty much the main Mara Jade long haired one but can the hair be re-coloured to dark brown but with a subtle red-ish tint? I hope someone can do this for me, and as I said, do-able unlike the ported KotOR models :S EDIT: :S Some reason, links aren't working and it wont let me post any so I typed it out...
  12. Hey i'm wondering it was alright to request a model for a Character i am roleplaying on a server. Unfortunately there aren't very many good Revan skins (and female versions are very scarce,) and there is only one amazing one i've managed to find which is in the KotOR megapack v6 which is practically an exact replica of the one from the game imo. What i'm asking for though is that the Revan model in cased in that megapack be made into a female and have three seperate skins. One straight up Revan with mask on, hood and cape on made to look female. One with Revan's mask off but however showing Bastila's face which is also included in that megapack. And the last one to be Revan with the hood lowered ontop of the cape so that it shows the head in full which like the second of the three skins to be Bastila as well. Female wise i'm not looking for anything fancy, just a small reduce in the arm size, waist, breastplate extended at the top to showcase she's female and the robes to be slightly darker I hope that someone decides to make this as i would highly appreciate it. The 'megapack' can be found on 4shared, for some reason I can't paste any links in here... Can someone please make this?
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