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    Smoking weed, and of course Star Wars - even the prequels... (not TLJ, but don't get me started on that)..
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  1. To be honest, I would not say no to some input ideas... All i know needs changing is the lava =)
  2. I really wished i had seen this post a long time ago
  3. Hi everybody! This is the topic that will contain all updates on my mapping.. HOW TO USE: 1) Put the .pk3 file into your (KotF) base folder 2) Open the game (preferably with KotF mod) 3) Type in console: "map mapname" (eg. "map vet_crait") Finished Maps: Harrower-class Dreadnought (Devmap TOR_dreadnought) can be found in the KotF mod BUT link for seperat download is: "https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsSILq8D4PtkjgGY4DafplMyCjPn" Work In Progress: (you can follow the work on YouTube, where i will post updates) - https://www.youtube....M3iXO5MUBMag3ew Furthermore, you can download the (at all time) current version of the raw map here: Rishi__________________-----> This project is only about 5 % done, so no link is available! Part of the Death Star______-----> This project is 90 % complete, link is: "https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsSILq8D4PtkjgAgBWaW4tMfJkoK" Mustafar_______________-----> This project is 85 % complete, link is: "https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsSILq8D4PtkjgLbIiPn-GyIvPJ_" (Updated 07/04-19) Malgus________________-----> This project is 80 % complete, link is: "https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsSILq8D4PtkjmeCy3Uf7y0VjjJA" (Updated 04/05-19) Crait__________________-----> This project is 65 % complete, link is: "https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsSILq8D4PtkjgPHOMo0EuYSPeWX" (Updated 02/04-19) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LINKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Triggers: Rishi__________________-----> NO TRIGGERS Part of the Death Star______-----> Follow the "movie-path", few triggers put tin Mustafar_______________-----> 2 triggers, the first is at player-spawn (next to R2D2, press the button and begin the Vader mission), second trigger is on the lower platform, near the player spawn, press the button there, and begin the vader v obi-wan duel Malgus________________-----> One trigger (walk 2 feet) Crait__________________-----> several triggers.. Move from base to trenches via underground tunnels, and you will trigger a battle.. 2) Press *use* inside the Crait command room (near the tunnel entrance) and Luke will come fight with you.. 3) If Luke reaches the movie-place where he gets shot, Kylo Ren will spawn.. A few guidelines to help you navigate this topic when time passes: 1) I DO take suggestions outside the polls, but do NOT expect me to be able to build it in the foreseeable future 2) Keep a nice tone, or I will not accept your suggestions - I hate being "the bad guy" 3) Every update will be made public in THIS post Have a good summer peeps! Wettergren (Vet) All maps are free, and you need not credit me if you use it elsewhere..
  4. Wettergren (Vet)


    I believe you are absolutely correct, but to be honest, i don't really want to spend that much time, working out how scripts work, as they are not that important to mapping (except elevators and such)
  5. Wettergren (Vet)


    Okay.. So i think i got why it didn't work.. I assume it does only work on MP maps? In which case, how can i make it, so NPCs will follow me THROUGHOUT the map, and not just when i am within 15-25 yards/meters? Like if you spawn NPCs into the "t1_sour" mission, they will find you everywhere in the map As opposed to spawning NPCs in any custom game?
  6. Wettergren (Vet)


    Why am i not able to access the bot_wp_edit menu? Tried every combination of bot_wp_edit i can think off, nothing has worked so far..
  7. The initial escape scene =) I figured since most of the movie is very confined as locations are concerned, we need to "improvise" some action out of the off-screen situations =D
  8. Hey there, fellow JK fans I was wondering, if anyone has started (seriously, with intend to publish) the creation of some of the Episode 8 maps? To be more specific; - Crait, - The Supremacy infiltration, - (i cant believe I'm saying this, but) The Casino Planet - Ahch-To - The initial D'Qar sequence (really? It's actually called "Dakar", like in, the Dakar rally?, and yes, yes, i know, it's also the capital of Senegal, but still!)
  9. Hey guys, I would like to offer my assistance in the development of this mod =) Applying for: Mainly mapping. (I am, however, easily taught and have a basic understanding of scripts) Why are you interested in helping us? - Because i think this mod is the greatest opportunity to play a game that makes you feel like a true jedi, bounty hunter or sith. No other mod (or even game for that matter), gives me the same feeling that this does.. Other than that, I believe Single Player can be a very important part of this mod, and would like to create, implement and optimize the maps in the SW campaign.. Prior Modding Experience: I have done a lot of individual modding for many of the Total War games, starting back in the good old M2TW days =).. Beside that, I have done some mapping in JKA, but need the last details, before my maps actually gets the natural (non-square) feel
  10. I am able to translate into Danish (possibly also finding people to translate into Swedish (and possibly Norwegian))
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