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  1. See? Even more apparent my lack of programming skills xD Anyway, I've started to download all the things I need to give it a try myself. Apart from already having a couple courses of C and C++ from some online platforms. Thanks again for the assistance.
  2. Hey bro, Again, thanks for the help, just wanted to provide a little update on what I've been doing so far. And I'm afraid my lack of scripting and modding knowledge is more evident than ever xD I tried to do the force push cfg file as you suggested to no avail, it won't work. Apart from that, I couldn't find the WP_saber.cpp file you told me about, so I couldn't do anything else for the force jump. Anyway, I will keep trying, if any of you wants to give it a try as well and take all the credit whatsoever, be my guest hahahaha. Stay safe everyone!
  3. Thanks everyone for the help, I wasn't expecting it, I imagined it a thread that was asked like a trillion times, but I can't be more thankful about it! Will definitely try each and every single thing you've advised!
  4. Thanks for the advice bro, appreciate it! I am mostly looking to apply this on SP as I play on Galactic Legacy /KOTF 2.1, but what you told me about the force push is cool, I will try that. As to the force jump, I know that feel, I'd love to be able to edit that, but I've got no knowledge of coding whatsoever, hopefully we'll be able to edit things like that in a not so distant future.
  5. Thanks for the quick answer buddy! I guessed so, but I just needed to know. I almost have no knowledge of development, let alone modding, although it would be cool to see a mod that allows you to jump that high and force push to the other end of the map. Hopefully one day someone will develop that mod.
  6. Hey guys, I know this is a mod request and this will not probably belong in this thread, however, I haven't posted enough times to start a mod request yet as I don't usually log in here often. So maybe this is something everybody knows (or have asked a million times), or maybe not, no idea, but I really need to know a way to modify the jump height and the force push to be extremely powerful. When I was like 10/11 I was playing MP when I joined a server in which somebody had modified the force jump to be way higher than the forcejump 3 from the vanilla code and his force push would literally send me to the other end of the map (it wasn't the G_gravity script, that's for sure, the player would fall with the standard gravity). I know this has to be possible somehow (this happened to me circa 2006/7), yet I haven't found the way to modify it myself. Is there a way to make this possible by editing the .pk3 files or is there any code to change? If somebody knows, please let me know, I would be very grateful if somebody provided some information to me. Thanks a lot!
  7. I haven't played Dark Forces II myself, but I've seen videos of it, and as previously stated, I believe jumping in Jedi Academy is quite cool and fits perfectly with the gameplay IMHO. I've been looking for ages now to be able to try to mod jumping myself (I've no idea of modding whatsoever, though I've checked almost everywhere), yet I never find the way to modify the jump height. When I was like 10/11, playing MP, I got wrecked by one who not only had changed the force push to be extremely powerful to the point of sending you to "another planet", but he could also jump way higher than what the vanilla game allows you (far beyond forcejump 3). Is there a way to make your force push that powerful and to jump to whatever height you want by modifying the pk3 files or do you need to code something? If this has been already asked or it already exists please let me know, I would create a request thread myself, but I don't usually post often in this forum. Either way, your idea is great as well! It could be fun to try it out some time.
  8. What's the name of the music? I really want to know because, not only is this a great map, but I also play it everyday because of its soundtrack xD
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