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  1. Hello everyone, coders and modders. Tell me, what part of the source code in Jedi Academy is responsible for ensuring that NPCs automatically pushes missiles and projectiles? I know this part is related to the forcethrow code, but how exactly can I change it so that my player can do the same???
  2. I have one more question for you: many NPCs when you shoot them, they automatically push missiles and projectiles, do you happen to know how to find this code to register it for the player?
  3. I edited to 200, but it's not enough, it doesn't push like npc
  4. I edited to 200, but it's not enough, it doesn't push like npc
  5. Hello everyone, I recently found the value of the push force speed like that of the npc, but having slightly reduced the values from 500 units to 200, I noticed that the player began to push faster but slightly fast as the npc, moreover, the npc started pushing even faster than before. How can I change the speed of the force push so that I am on par with the NPC ??? One more thing, it seems to me that the push force is somehow related to the pulling force. How to explain this ???
  6. Что означает в коде ja вот это значение: forcePushTime = level.time + 600. Связано ли это со скоростью толчка для игрока?
  7. Dear coders, please Tell me how to do a force push for a player like NPCs, they have it very fast, I just wish I had the same, what do you need? P. S sorry for the clumsy English because I'm from Russia
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