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  1. shamelessly advertising this here for more views & renown, props to ent for jaMME
  2. Decided to give my editing skillZ another try enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS__mXtGyXQ&feature=youtu.be
  3. pete'

    EU Lugormod server

    shameless bump updated server information
  4. pete'

    EU Lugormod server

    It's Bob's decision to have instant level 40, perhaps we will reset accounts after we get to form a decent community. Forums: www.lugormod.tk
  5. Hello fellow Jedi. If you are interested in joining Lugormod you should check out EU Lugormod. Basically on Lugormod you get to play as either Mercenary, Sith or Jedi and you can get up to level 5 Force powers, have flameburst, vehicles, and much more. Right as of now whenever you register you automatically get level 40 (max) so you don't have to spend all the time farming and can jump into action immediately. You can join us by typing /connect lugormod.tk in the console. Few useful commands to type in console while in the server: /set name (your name) - You can't register with Padawan nickname, pick a name /register (username) (password) - Command to make a Lugormod account /spawn sith, /spawn jedi, /spawn merc - Command to pick class ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update: We have a Special Skills system that replaces usual leveling up in Lugormod, with skills such as Force Cloak for force user and Poison Dart for mercenary. Use command /sskills in game after creating your account (/reg NICK PASSWORD and then /spawn command to choose profession). What do we offer: The 2nd most active server in the game (according to GT rank) overall, and the most active that provides:* No anti-gameplay rules like "no laming"* Our rules are limited to situations that spoil gameplay (like spawnraping on newbies, or flooding the chat with spammy content)* Unlike most of other populated servers that allow only saber without force, we cherish every aspect of the gameplay (saber / force / guns)* Properly balanced Force User and Mercenary class* New maps every now and then* You can find both friends and fiends depending on what you are looking for and what kind of player and person you are yourself* Loads of fun in competitive aspect but also people to chill with if you aren't much into fighting
  6. The game has got alot more active when it came out on Humblebundle though, maybe @@Hugo should even try streaming again?
  7. jestes najgorszym gracz w historii europy @@Grab
  8. there are only elite wolves (ewolves.tk) and bob's lugormod (
  9. was too lazy to make a proper vid so i just connected frags and put music , enjoy
  10. umm..what? the only time someone in ctfpug uses scripts is for changing between light and dark forces quick
  11. yeah, some competition in this game would be pretty sweet
  12. yeah that guy copied it all from me
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