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  1. I really enjoyed the Bad Batch arc, certainly didn't expect Echo to be alive! Can't say the same for the Ahsoka arc, the Martez sisters didn't click with me. Although it wasn't worse than some of the old 3PO episodes. We finally get Siege of Mandalore tomorrow so there's that!
  2. I'm quite happily surprised by this. Will definitely buy the PS4 ports. Also curious on the "bringing back the multiplayer" thing they mention in the article. How will that work for consoles?
  3. (hope i'm posting this in the right section) Hello, i'm planning to set up a lugormod server with an old friend, we've traditionally been playing on lugormod version U# 2.3.2, but since robophred's site went down, (i should have made backups, yeah), i can't seem to find a link to the older versions. The new directory @@ufooo set up ( http://lugormod.tk/lmd ) goes back only until 2.4. Anyone knows where can i find older versions, or generous enough to upload if they have it? Thanks in advance
  4. agree completely on the latter part. their /hilevel is already filled up in just a week. apart from that i find their maps to be more rp and quest-based (which i personally prefer) than the maps i saw on eu lugor. i admit i didn't even know about the special skills system on eu, everytime i logged on there was an ffa going on so i was preoccupied lol. still nice to see variety in terms of gameplay on lugormod, hope other servers will attempt comebacks as well with this new star wars hype wave going on
  5. finally another lugormod server !! hope you guys don't give out max level on register like eu lugor
  6. Finally some news on the lugormod front !! it's basically the only mod that i've played on JKA over the years, with so much good memories and the best, most unique community that i've ever seen in a game yet. it's pretty much the only multiplayer mod that exists where you had banks turning into wampas attempting to kill you, where you could buy houses for your guild and watch the lucasarts intro on a tv for hours, kill homeless jedi and sell their body parts, and collect tauntaun poop (well maybe makermod also)
  7. links for the officially supported versions: http://lugormod.robophreddev.net/versions/releases
  8. Doby

    EU Lugormod server

    Why is the insta 40level thing? I love farming in lugormod ^^
  9. Doby


    This worked, thanks ^^ Guess I should've looked deeper before posting
  10. Doby


    Hello, I've downloaded the OpenJK build for OS X from http://builds.openjk.org, when i mount the image and attempt to open OpenJK or OpenJK SP, i get an error message 'openjk.x86 cannot be opened because of a problem'. I tried extracting the files under game data (or 'Contents' ) and launching there, same result. Am I missing something obvious? I've tried multiple builds descending from the one on the top, most of them seem equivalent though. I'm running on OS X Yosemite 10.10.2
  11. Back in the day, I remember checking the JKG website every time i got back home from school, to check the news for any updates and read the forums to read about people's quite interesting ideas. Even though JKG didn't work out in the end, it gave me and i imagine a lot of other jka players, a glimpse of hope that the game wasn't dying, that it could even get better someday, and we all needed that. I remember disscussing for hours on lugormod servers about how jkg would be like, even though we all knew deep inside it was quite improbable that we would play it one day. So imo, JKG was the santa of the jkg community, even though it wasn't real we all needed it, and we grew up the day we realised it wasn't real
  12. Tried that out but didn't work, it was probably caused by something else. I deleted the config files and contacted the server host now its working somehow
  13. I've bought a server running on #U Lugormod 2.3.2 hosted by markmods today, but apparently it doesn't show up on the server list, so anyone who doesn't know the ip beforehand can't join. They had hosted a server for me before, with the same mod version on and it appeared on the list without any issues. I'm guessing it's easy to fix but couldn't see why so far Suggestions?
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