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  1. I have searched for a long time on the internet and I can't seem to find much talk about the jetpack at all, let alone in MP. Haven't found any mods either. JA+ I believe gives you the ability through a server.cfg to "allow" jetpacks, but I've been trying to get JA+'s server.cfg to work for days. I have spent more than 30 hours reading and trying new things, I haven't found anything explaining how to get that thing to work properly, beyond what is said in the instructions for the mod. (I am also late to the JA++ party, the download site is down so I haven't been able to upgrade yet.) All that out of the way, THE QUESTION: Anyone know of a mod, or some way to get usable jetpacks into multiplayer (solo match or custom server)? I'm not requesting someone make this, otherwise this would be in the Mod Requests forum -- I'm just curious if anyone knows anything about this.
  2. Thank you, Circa. I appreciate this. Even though they do look a little odd because of how they stand, I do prefer these animations over the vanilla.
  3. Oh nice, would you consider uploading it as a standalone file? I'm not too keen on running big mods like JKEnhanced is why I ask.
  4. Does anyone know of a mod that alters the blaster aiming animation of player and NPCs in Jedi Academy? A mod that makes it look like they are aiming down the sights. I have been unable to find any mod that corrects this animation.
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