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  1. It's just occurred to me- most servers run games with Saber Only on, meaning melee combat is the primary form of offence in most multiplayer matches. And yet despite this melee-heavy focus for the community... no-one seems to have made a mod that actually gives us a manual blocking feature. We have one mod that makes Saber Throw a Force power and reassigns how Mouse 2 works- but while such needless tweaks like that are made, no one seems to have thought of adding a simple block button. In a cult-classic game prided on laser-sword fighting, there is no block button. Are there any mods out that that give us a block button? Is there something fundamental in the game's source code that prevents such a feature being made? Am I seriously the first person to even suggest the idea?
  2. Wait, belay that- found where the name is. For people wanting to know where the name for a saber is- it's the top line of the .sab file in a saber mod. For example, in DarthMatyr's Kylo Ren Lightsaber mod, the name is in ext_data>sabers>ren.sab, and the name is the first line at the top of the file which is 'Ren'.
  3. I figured it would be something like that, thank you. How do you know what the name of the saber is? Would their be a file in the saber mod where I'd be able to find it?
  4. I've recently come back to Jedi Academy and have been looking for new character mods to play with. One such mod was Revan Knight's Kylo Ren [https://jkhub.org/files/file/2626-kylo-ren/].I noticed it didn't come with the cross-guard lightsaber, so I installed DarthMatyr's version [https://jkhub.org/files/file/2609-kylo-rens-lightsaber/] of the saber, as Revan Knight's mod suggested, in the hopes that any Kylo bots would spawn and wield that lightsaber. But for some reason, the bots do not spawn with the saber- they instead spawn with what appears to be the Firebrand hilt. My question is: is there any way that I can edit the Kylo Ren mod so that the bots spawn using the cross-guard saber?
  5. Is there anyway you could add the 'proper' skin to this? I mean I like the White Cloud, but I'd prefer the original AC look
  6. Would the single player method also work for the multiplayer? I'd imagine that's probably a little trickier
  7. Okay- that first image, with the saber in the menu. How in the Outer Rim territories did you get additional saber colours?! You've got the standard Blue-through-Red, then you've got an additional White, Black/Negative, a multi-coloured one [it seems] and a Custom colour option. HOW DO YOU KNOW THESE THINGS?!
  8. I've been downloading saber blade mods, and I'd like to ADD them to the game instead of having them replace existing blade colours. Many a time have I had the problem where certain mods overlap each other- like if you try having both the Rainbow Blade mod and then Original Thick Blades mod at the same time, the Green saber doesn't look right because there are two mods trying to overwrite it. So is there a way to add saber colours to the game when you install them, instead of simply replacing the ones already there?
  9. I'd also like to know how to do this. I've been wanting to add the Rainbow Blade that replaces Green (but obviously without it replacing Green) and dark_apprentice's TFU Blade without it replacing Orange
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