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  1. Cult of Ragnos Improved

    This is an improved version of the New Reborns featured in the Jedi Academy singleplayer campaigns. This is only the start, based off of existing models and fanart I plan on recreating the cult of Ragnos as it should have been (I personally hate the New Reborn skins).
    No replacements yet but they are coming with the next update.
    Let me know what you think.
    I realize now that I didn't list the original NPC names. The original files had NPC names to the like of Reborn_Imp. There were three versions, each with their own number at the end.


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  2. Gram "Gale" Van Alasdaire

    DOWNLOAD Plasma's HD Lightsabers or Gale will wield the regular stingers. Updates will be incoming, including Singleplayer voice replacement. Credits to Scerendo for the original model and permissions!
    ► 23
    ► Vahla/Human
    ► 1.8m
    ► 84 kg
    ► Amber/Corrupt Red
    ► Brown
    ► Sulon
    ► Male
    ► Sith Eternal
    ► Legionnaire
    ► Positive
    Gram was born the son of Morgan and Patricia Van Alasdaire, immigrant farmers from the New Vahla colony who now resided on Sulon. Growing up on a local farm, the young boy quickly became adept at reprogramming and repairing the working droids. After learning about his parent’s death at the hands of one of said malfunctioning security droids, he enlisted as a member of the Sorosub Research and Development team.

    His race marked him apart from his fellow peers, taking on the name of Gale and leaving the identity of Gram behind. He served for a number of his teenage years as a Lieutenant, being deployed on exploratory vessels with the intent to find conventional locations in the Unknown Regions. The purpose of these ventures was to establish a rudimentary framework for refueling stations.During this time, Gale’s latent Force-sensitivity began to reveal itself, showing him a brief premonition that saved the lives of his peers, avoiding a head on collision with a nearby asteroid. Though he saved the crew initially, the resulting damage to the hyperdrive sent them abandoned to the deep reaches of space - an area known as the Nihl Retreat. Gale and his flight searched desperately for anyone alive in the deep void, seeking aide with distress beacons and vain flare of plasma.

    His suspicions regarding his own abilities where confirmed when a lone outpost replied to their distress. Their freighter landed, and the flight was quickly boarded and overcome by the forces therein. Though his flight died, throughout variety of vicious and inhuman means, Gale managed to make a convincing argument for his survival - having for the first time aggressively and instinctively using the Force against his captors. His time spent as a prisoner still weighs in his mind, and the choices he made to survive has resulted in a severely damaged psyche. As a result, he was given a choice. Live as a newly minted member of the Eternal, or die a forgotten casualty in the darkness of the void. Choosing to survive and learn, Gale threw himself into his studies of the Force and the Dark Side, fueled by a fervent will to live, and thrive.

    But the damage done by his training at the hands of the Sith proved too much for his mind to bear. With madness slowly whittling away at his sanity, Gale has taken to avoiding the Darkness within him and seeking help to control this ailing disease.
    /// NPCs and Notes
    NPC SPAWN GALE = Spawns Gale as a Sorcerer of Rhand.
    NPC SPAWN GRAM= Spawns Gale as a fully trained independent force sensitive.


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  3. New Camera Modes

    This is a little mod setup inspired by all those nifty menus that allow you to change the way your camera looks. With a little modification, the camera will begin to look like a more modern variation, depending on your taste and preferences there are currently four available. The screenshots give each command per look, with the commands also listed below and in the readme should you forget. If there is enough desire, I can create an autoexec that will run one of these options upon game launch and load.
    Use exec Battlefront for a Battlefront OG style camera
    Use exec Master for a close to back saber fighting style
    Use exec gunner for a Battlefront 2 / Modern Third person over the right shoulder view
    Use exec unreal for a warped, very close version of the over the right shoulder view


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  4. Murtagh Espaa

    Murtagh Espaa by AuriusPheonix
    Thanks to Haplash for creating awesome models!
    This is Murtagh Espaa. A concept Star Wars RP Character I baked up for a roleplaying forum. I plan on making him one of my newest characters.
    Age: 23
    Born: ~50 Years after TRoS
    Race: Human/Vahla Hybrid
    Faction: Independant
    Force Sensitive: Trained, Light-Oriented.
    Murtagh Espaa comes from the desolate planet of Rhen Var, kin to a growing settlement of humans on the planet known as New Vahla. The name "Espaa" comes from the title of a spaceport on Tatooine, the destination of an ancient vessel piloted by the parents of his ancestor and progenitor, Jedi Crusader Cecil Espaa. Cecil Espaa began the legacy of his family by valiantly serving the Jedi Order during the peak of the Jedi Crusades, falling in battle to a Sith in the process. His descendant Murtagh is well aware of his proud warrior past, and newfound heritage. Being half Vahla, and half human, he also inherited the abnormal traits of his people. 
    Murtagh Espaa is a Paladin of the Embers of Vahl. This is a group of force sensitives that rose to existence following the long period of silence between the Jedi Purge and the destruction of Luke Skywalker's Jedi Order. The Embers themselves where named after an ancient Dark Side Order that was abolished by an ancient Vahla Jedi long ago.  
    Hope You like it!
    There are three variants:
    (Use NPC SPAWN <NAME>)
    Murtagh_Paladin - As a Paladin of the Embers, Murtagh defends the borders of his home and mediates inter and outer conflicts for the settlement. 
    Murtagh_Warrior - Even from a young age, Murtagh strove to better himself in the arts of the warrior. He is lethal, and will not hold back; possessing a rare force ability unique to his family. This ability is known as Stepping Into Shadows, rendering himself - but only himself - invisible at far distances.
    Murtagh_Kenshin - Borrowing the color scheme of a mysterious warrior known as the Manslayer, Murtagh is found adorned in red and white robes. (Kenshin Himura inspired skin.)
    I used my own voice to give him custom taunts, gloats, and the like. He belts them out like crazy, so you'll likely hear them. Also, Murtagh has had an issue with the Jedi, or in his mind "Skywalker's Jedi" despite his death ages ago, due to their interference in Ember affairs.


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  5. Ben Solo

    Ben Solo, Jedi Knight, Vader's Legacy, and Pariah. This is yet again a kitbash, this time taking Plasma's Kylo Ren head and surgically implanting it on Haplash shoulders. All textures are recolors with exception to the head.
    The Saber used is Rooxon's Veteran, and Is not included!


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  6. Luke Skywalker Episode 8 Concept

    I simply took the head off of dark_apprentices Jedi Master Luke Skywalker (Which was originally created by DT85) and placed it on Toshi's Luke ROTJ Replacement. I added the hood and hips from RevanKnight's Kylo Ren. There are three versions, all of which have NPC files. There is no singleplayer support as of yet as I am bogged down with Jedi Ben Solo.
    It is recommended to have Anakin's EP3 Lightsaber, as well as Rooxon's Prodigal Son. I did not package these lightsabers as I did not create them, and the Anakin saber will default to a reborn hilt without the file mentioned above. Rooxon's saber just looks bloody amazing, and fits the model better than the base JA version.
    NPC List:
    Utilize the ~ key and input "npc spawn [NPC NAME]".
    luke_ep8 (Regular model, with hood and hips)
    luke_duel (Without hood, weilding two lightsabers)
    luke_nohood (Without hood or hips.)
    BUGS: Slight kink in the neck. there is a very minute gap at the very back that's see through.


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  7. Storm Commando

    Storm Commandos were the special forces of the Galactic Empire's Stormtrooper Corps and were trained to deal with extreme combat situations.
    This is a relatively simple reskin of Tyrael's Scout Trooper model, to match the Legends Scout Commando.
    The weapon utilized in the screenshot is Plasma's EL-16, and is NOT included!


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  8. Legends Jaden

    A simple mashup of a Haplash head onto a base Jaden body. Special thanks to Hollywood for the Riptide textures, and Haplash for the face model.


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  9. Corvo Attano

    This is my reskin of the beautiful Jedi Temple Guard, by Kualan, into the Assassin of Dunwall and former Protector of the Empress, Corvo Attano.
    Previously an Agent and Bodyguard to Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, Corvo is stripped of his status as Lord Protector and imprisoned by the traitorous spymaster, under the false allegations that it was he who murdered the Empress. After escaping confinement on the eve of his execution, Corvo becomes a deadly assassin, working with the Loyalty Conspirators to take back Dunwall and return Jessamine's daughter, Emily, to her rightful place on the throne.


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  10. Mandalorian Crusader

    A reskin of the Clone Trooper Phase II armor in the style of a Mandalorian Crusader, an ancient armor variant used before the Jedi Civil War. Special thanks to Mars Marshall, NeoMarz1 and Langerd for the awesome models, without which you would not have this armor. I plan on making a customizable version soon, with more variants.


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  11. Good Anakin

    This is another reskin of a Haplash model, this time a Good Anakin, if he had stayed with the Jedi when his Master, Obi Wan, turned to the dark side.


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  12. Dark Obi Wan

    This is my first attempt at a reskin using Haplash's brilliant Obi Wan Kenobi ROTS and Old Ben models. Its envisioned as a Sith Kenobi if he were to have turned to the dark side instead of Anakin.
    There is no SP or NPC support as of right now. This is an Alpha release.


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