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  1. Hels SaberSystems for JKA This document has as it’s propose to formal introduce the saber system that I have created. This sabersystem is product of hours of playing JK2 and JKA, mostly moded (but not only), reading about Star Wars lightsaber fighting, analyzing SW coreographies (mainly original trilogy ones) and… fencing myself. The objective of this sabersystem is to achieve a middle point and conciliate lore-wise, movie-like gameplay and a “realistic” fencing gameplay (all realistic that you can have with a lethal weapon that kills in one-hit and magic futuristic wizards that harness the
  2. Oh, man, such a pitty. I know for good that MD II had some good ideas, specially in animations, but I do think that there should be something else than animations, but a strategy behind it, so that each style and character is played different way. This way the game would be even more enjoyable. I am currently in contact with someone that is developing his own engine, but actually would be nice to know if he could add some of your animations, or either if he would even be able to work along with you. I do think that all the cool projects of making a new Jedi Knight Academy mode should work as
  3. Why not? It would be fun... Could your animations be used in other mod along with my ideas? Would you give permission? I mean, it would be such of a good thing as not to do it.
  4. I've got a suggestion to make in order to make the mod more skill-leaned. It's about a sabersystem that empathizes perfect blocks in a Movie Battles close style (looking with mouse) or either with manual block. But instead of using the Blocking Points resources, using the mishap meter of OJP (which in fact would be hide from the player). Autoblocking animations are triggered at cost of Force Points. The higher the mishap, the higher the loss of points (2 x mishap multiplier, starting in x0 from 0-9 mishap, x1 from 10 to 19, x2 if 20-29, etc). Also, your bounces and staggers will be longer depe
  5. Thanks Ramikad! I understand now pretty much.
  6. Ok. I have a question here. What does OpenJK adds over vanilla JA? Server stability or is a Enhance to the gameplay? Does OpenJK add manual blocking or any other features a mod would add or it depends on the different mods BUILD OVER OpenJK, being OpenJK a sort of open vanilla code? For example, I know OJP added some variables that the original game didn't have. I don't know if OpenJK really modifies the gameplay of the game or if it only is some kind of community where the code is free to use to add then specific enhances to the original gameplay. I would like to know an online web where it
  7. Ok Serenity might have modified OJP. Is fine for me. Tweaks are not random, in my opinion. And no, the topic is not EoC infringement in fact, since this topic was created to draw people into EoCIV. You devirtued the topic, that was EoC IV announcement. If you want to talk about EoC IV infringement of copyright, go other thread. I am respecting the topic far more than you. However, I am starting to belive that there really is some kind of conspiration against EoC IV. I don't respect what Serenity did, but the mod might be passing onto Matt since Serenity doesn't respond, and Matt will try to cr
  8. About hit detection, I hope they have better, in fact last time I played I remember it a little bit better than before. By flickering I mean that when two sabers in the guard get closer (not even clashing), the saber does a strange animation, which is used to start a... half-swing, was named? Adding a lot of confusion in fast interchange of hits and making it not very movie realistic. The whole thing of the game is about spamming combos each time you attack, as seen here https://youtu.be/ClnMyn8FtFg?t=3m20s or here https://youtu.be/ClnMyn8FtFg?t=3m23s which is not very movie like. In movies, e
  9. Well, what about the collision system? Never liked MBII because of that. Flickering is annoying as fuck. And half the time, the saber passed through the enemy, not slashin' him. About the three bars you saw... That was back in EoCII. EoC III used blocking points too. EoCIV uses Force Points as Blocking points, I put here an example for you. So... why don't simply use ForcePoints for blocking as done in EoCIV? I don't mean using Block Points for Force Powers, I talk you about using Force Points for autoblocking, which is mostly the opposite. If Force Points are used FOR EVERYTHING, runn
  10. I always get confused between OJP and OpenJK.
  11. This has a bitter taste of me. I've seen this mod grow, and I know for good that Serenity is been working on it. I guess that even though, he really has taken some work from someone else. I attach it to mistakes, or to not being aware of how things work, but after so much read here, I am starting to fear this is not true. We the players, have done a small community, and even though the game has a lot of bugs, it is true that the sabersystem saw in game has received tweaks and feels kinda smooth. Can you confirm me this is the OpenJK system with just a few tweaks? I in fact missed many things,
  12. I am done with this discussion. You all fools throwing hate. The fact is that serenity does NOT HAVE TIME to credit every single person. He doesn't want to hide the things, but he is acomplishing a lot of work alone, as long as he is the only developer for the mod. About EoC III, had a Documents folder with documents of OJP. Damn it, is not made ON PURPOSE. Stop acting so childish, some of you might have time to give credits, but Serenity doesn't have time TO ANYTHING. I haven't seen him in weeks. He has a life behind the pc, and you can't force him to give credits to everyone, when probably
  13. And in fact I would say I enjoy chivalry more than BS. In fact is a game I enjoyed a lot. The problem with chivalry is that it has very limited movement. But is fun enough, though
  14. Is this base JKA with different models and maps? Or is here any mod changing the saber mechanichs? P.D.: Ki Adi Mundi video was removed.
  15. If I will play Battlefront? Well, it depends if sabersystem is worth off or just a hack n' slash crap. I don't want to play a God of War saber combat style. And I think I guess that's what I will be having. So I may play it, for sure I will TRY it (in case my video card doesn't explode with it), but that doesn't mean I will play it very much. Aswell, if I try it, it will be in a free try that EA gives, as I've done with the mecha games they released (can't remember the name right now). Or as I did with Battlefield 3. My current thinking is that for playing Battlefront, I can play Battlefield.
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