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  1. It's super-annoying how many model-modders don't include icons for various skins. Is there any easy way to make them? I notice a great deal of icons have similar framing and backgrounds and was wondering if this was a feature included in one of the JK utilities. Also: Seriously, people, make icons for your skins.
  2. While we're at it, the default vertical attack in MP needs to be corrected so that it's horizontal when the view is on a level plane. Basically we need to find a way to replace multiplayer with single-player.
  3. With the source code released, shouldn't it be fairly easy to fix (for someone who understands the source)?
  4. Something that has bothered me for some time now (which I consider a bug, but is probably more just a consequence of the lack of design) is the fact that NPCs spawned in multiplayer games don't respect many of the settings in their files. Particularly saber styles, which when set in individual sabers restrict players but have no affect on NPCs. Is it beyond the scope of this project to get NPC behavior in multiplayer to reflect the functionality in single player?
  5. I'm not interested in better AI, myself; I just want NPCs with different saber styles in MP.
  6. I did this years ago. Here is the file you need for making JK2 maps work in JKA (it's large). I seem to have renamed the map file, which might indicate that I made some changes to it in order to get it running. It's been quite literally eight years, so I don't really remember. Just in case, here is the version I use. Enjoy some ffa_carbonfreeze_ja!
  7. The .jkb files are for bots, which are different from NPCs. Bots are problematic as well; as far as I know, there's no way to set saber styles (or specific sabers) for them. Plus, a lot of custom maps don't have pathing and they wind up jumping around the entire time. In SP, you can handle all of this in the .npc files and they respect their programming, but the same NPCs spawned in MP seem to disobey certain settings. They're all lightning-fast when it comes to sabering, which no amount of tweaking things like reaction, run or yaw speeds, etc. seems to have any effect on. No matter what class I've tried setting them at, they default to the fast saberstyle.
  8. Has anyone found a way to get NPCs in multiplayer to respect the saber styles given to them - or to the saber they use?
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