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  1. I link my npc's to my waypoints with ctrl-k, and waypoints to other waypoints with ctrl-k. Why is it resulting in this mess?
  2. Great, can you tell me for example what tasks they should do? Sorry when I open behaveED I am lost.
  3. I've used the trigger texture on a dummy brush and I'm trying to get this lambda shuttle to bob up and down. Cheers https://bbcode0.com/full/2021/1/22/a5bda6bcb556165ab526bf47b46ea474-full.jpg.html
  4. So I'm interested in emergent properties that NPC's might find themselves in as they walk the map and bump into each other. So far I'm using a network of waypoints and I have the npc's spawnscript spawn a wander script The script is very simple and I suck at it. What I'm interested is programming into the script a certain level of randomness, or perhaps two or more factions that wander the map and intermingle, resulting in a firefight. Would anyone be able to help me with this Many thanks
  5. I should add its a single player map so I changed it to jasp The console is running but quits out
  6. Ok I did what you said and its booting but doesn't seem to be recognising the commands in the .cfg What syntax is correct?
  7. Sorry, but would you care to spell it out for me? If I rename a notepad document 1313.bat and add jamp.exe +exec devmapall coruscant it doesn't work. Cheers
  8. So I remember back in the day you used to be able to edit the .exe in windows in such away that it would launch you straight into the map plus other parameters you set like your player model. Is this still a thing and can somebody help me? Thanks
  9. Will do so, its easy enough if I remember especially if I don't bother with bot support.
  10. Hi all, I started mapping in 2008 and now I'm back after a long break. I'm making a singleplayer map/mod based on the defunct Coruscant 1313 game concept. I'm sure this has been attempted in JKA before, keen to see what others have come up with. The idea is to create an "open world" free play adventure where a huge variety of NPC's walk the streets of Coruscant mostly tolerating each other with flashes of combat here and there, initiated by the player or the AI. Basically this whole Idea rests on the the spawnscript parameter given to to the NPS's in Radiant which then looks up the wanter.ibi script in "common." I also have to edit the NPC's team values to have them not attack each other. But sometimes they do attack each other, which is great, but I haven't yet found out which lines in the NPC file dictate this. I am going to need help with scripting which is basically the backbone of this mod. Also my knowledge of VIS and portals is limited. Oh and yes the map is huge, 32k x 32k units. Credits: Last_Wish, IG88 Eivind_n_haugen@hotmail.com Mars Marshall "NeoMarz1", Aurra Sing neomarz1@sbcglobal.net Ahsoka Tanko; cerezk.oz@gmail.com Designed by: Cadellin and Cerez Modelled by: Cadellin Lightsaber Hilt by: AshuraDX
  11. I am very much interested in the JK source release, however it clearly is still early days with not much tangible to point to. (Remember, my medium is mostly visual with added text, and that means it biases "screenshot-able" content) What I hear from the thread is Lugormod Makermod MB2 Movie Duels JA++ Also floating around on moddb: Jedi Knight Galaxies (their site seems to be down so I cannot download it) Gunslingers Academy Here is the second video in the series:https://youtu.be/fhBIKgorhQg How do I embed?
  12. @Syko Thanks, Movie Battle is definately one of the big ones. @@eezstreet The source release is the reason JA is eligable for the book.. but can you illuminate me as to what has actually been done with the source? I'm a bit in the dark. @@Xycaleth I'm afraid I'm not following. Are you considering Jedi Academy to be a 'mod' on Jedi Outcast? Also here is the first review vid: https://youtu.be/o2ghJhBvPi8
  13. Hi all, I'm a masters student writing a book about the evolution of the First Person Shooter, its relationship with modders and hackers, and its relationship with open source software. These 3 topics intersect best with games by id Software, with the unfolding of the Doom and Quake series generally moving in tandem with the growth of the modding scene. I will be covering other games critical to the mod scene also, which brings me here. Jedi Academy is probably THE most modded of the id Tech 3 games and this site is testament to its still lively community. I'm looking for members of the community to suggest mods that they feel have had a strong inpact on the JA and JO community. (Can be your own mod don't be shy) Post them here or PM me. I used to post on map-craft.com under the alias whitewolf so I have been floating around for a few years. The book will be funded on kickstarter so I need all the support I can get. Please head on over to http://quakefreed.tumblr.com for updates or drop me an email at quake.freed@zoho.com and I'll let you know when the campaign kicks off. Look forward to working with the community.
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