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DF2 Mod Kit

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Hey guys,


I had an idea. I'd like to upload some kind of mod kit here on the hub, including one pbr textured playermodel (I would ask Scerendo for his Aayla), one pbr textured weapon (@@AshuraDX?), one pbr textured test map (thought about @@DT85 's test map, maybe with the substance spheres added) and a new build of the mod. Everything ready to play around and learn how all the stuff works together. Maybe we can get some more attention with this. What do you guys think?

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It's hard to say if we'll attract people from this community by doing this, a lot of people here would need a serious crash course in PBR, many probably think the render engine alone will increase the games graphics when it of course wont.


I always thought that once we have a little more content we could branch out to other places like ModDB or something like that, just to show off. @@Circa was supposed to be gathering things to show off. Even our own actual site could even help but a place like ModDB would be a good site just because of the amount of traffic. Based on some googling website traffic that site gets 7.5 times the traffic as JKHub and that's being a tad bit conservative.


I mean I am right in thinking that you'd like to attract more overall attention to the mod, not just in general but also potential developers?

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I can put together stuff for you guys and even put together a small and simple website to show some cool stuff you've done and hope to do. That alone will set you aside as at least being a legit development team that cares to share their progress. Nobody will know about this if you don't show them or at least tell them you're doing stuff. I just need the stuff in order to do that. Not really sure where to start since I don't know what you guys deem ready to be public and what isn't.


Also, just want to point out that ModDB is always going to have more traffic than JKHub because it covers a ton of other popular games in addition to JKA and JK2. That fact alone is the reason they will have millions of more people visiting it. More on your point though, definitely worth setting up a page there for this, though not sure how the JKA section is doing these days over there. I was never a fan of ModDB but I know a lot of people are/were.

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We could also just hold out until we have a 1 level demo and follow that up with some tutorials but realistically PBR is nothing new that you can't already find a tut for. The only real thing that is new is the MTR shaders. We could briefly go over PBR but I wouldn't go super in depth as info on it can be had all over youtube.

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@@minilogoguy18 Purpose of the mod kit is not to show of our mod or our progress, but more to give people some kind of sandbox to fool around and make them aware of the possibilities working with our mod. I think this is a good way to get some people attracted without publishing anything from our mod.


@@Circa ModDB is a very good place to get some attention though I feel like the overall interest in ModDB has decreased.


@@DT85 Which map do you mean? The one with the floating red balls or my shelter map? I have no idea who did the floating balls map, so no idea who I should ask for permission. I should polish my shelter map for a release anyways. What about the bryar? Can I put the current version with animations in the kit?

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Hahaha, ok, balls map it will be. Now only things left are asking scerendo for his permission and packing everything. I'll upload the kit here in the thread first, to make sure everyone is fine with the release.

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Ok guys, I wrote a bit with the original creator of the water shading and asked him about the permission to use it for gl2. We got it. Means I will polish the code a bit and add a water plane to the balls map. It's highly customizable and procedually generated. I want to add some cvars to change the parameters in real time to get some fast results without starting the game over and over again. Well, we could make some kind of challenge and ask the people to find nice values for it. Maybe different kind of fluids. Idk, get the people to fool around in our mod and feel to be part of the development.

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