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After some discussion with @@redsaurus and @@Circa we have some idea of what needs to happen soon. This thread will be updated whenever changes are made.


Immediate Concern

  • Create new repository: JKEnhanced/JKEnhanced (it will have the assets)
  • Set up CI to automatically produce working versions of EDP

Near Future

  • Finish The Lost Mission (JK2)
  • Release JK2 Enhanced Alpha 2
  • Create documentation for EDP
  • Release EDP 1.0
  • Finish Ilum and Imperial missions (JKA)

Distant Future

  • Revamp menu system and build into Yavin Temple map (JKA)


  • Create new repository: JKEnhanced/OpenJK
  • Merge redsaurus/OpenJK and eezstreet/OpenJK into JKEnhanced/OpenJK
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it would be cool if the Yavin temple had a lot of secret rooms & traps similar to the Egyptian pyramid in Lara Croft Tomb Raider.



Tomb Raider 1 is the inspiration for the secret areas already. There be puzzles and rewards, don't ye worry.  :ph34r:

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