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I spent the past few months concepting a new Customiseable saber while working closely with @@redsaurus to introduce a few new features

These are mostly based at Hilts from the movies, I'm sure you allready recognised a few of them, while 2 are inspired by TFU and one is a mix of random influences.




2 example sabers:




New features will include:

-rgb colored ares on the hilts

-saber color matching areas

-variable dirt (


"all" I need to do is texture these.


In order to save some time with that I'll go ahead and produce basic ID masks for each UV layout, these would later allow me to automise msot of the texturing process in substance painter

A ID mask is made up of simple colors, each color represents a different material, here are some examples: example example 2

if anyone is feeling up to helping me out with creating these I could spend more time developing the materials that will be applied based on these ID masks.


so lemme know if you want to help!

I'll create a color key table later so that all ID masks share the same colorMaterial key.

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