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JKHub Bar Suggestion

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This bar has so much potential. Just imagine... when most jka-related websites have this bar this could be the main news-source for the community.

Masterservers are down? The JKhub will explain what to do... or stuff like that B)

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Why doesn't JKHub just run its own update server and display news through jka itself there?

It could be used by default for that new "patch".

Making an update server is shit easy, but we just have to get people to use the new patch.

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Saywhut? o_o


There are plans like that for that specific project, but the bar itself is simply a javascript file and some CSS.

You know, when you're connecting to a server and you see that text "Welcome player #<random numbers>". That's the motd coming from the update server.

If we had our own, we can send our own message.

But yea, totally unrelated to the bar :P

EDIT: Actually, it /might/ not be the update server. I am 90% sure it is, but I could be wrong. JKA uses a lot of servers <_< >_>

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