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Being locked out of progression

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I've been playing OpenJK with JA++ for a while practically with no issues (an occasional crash here and there when loading a save game but loads fine afterward). Lately I found a Starkiller model that comes with some Force powers already set up and ran out of "empty slots" to select and increase a force power(all force powers are already maxed out at 3) before continuing to the next mission. Now I'm stuck in the "Force select" screen and can't continue. I thought OpenJK fixed the "being locked out of progression' issues, am I missing something or doing anything wrong?


Any workaround?

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JA++ is a multiplayer mod. Why are you using it with singleplayer? :lol:


You'll probably need a mod that removes the force selection screen completely in order to play like that. I doubt OpenJK would fix such a thing, since that only happens when you're using cheats, or in your case, a mod that uses cheats.

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Hmmm. I am using Seven's Galen Marek Jedi adv. Model. It looks awesome and has the best stances.


As for JA++, I am using it in SP because otherwise openjk crashes on startup. Since it worked fine with JA++, I kept using it and never tried to fix it.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm no expert, I was having a lot of issues with some mods and posted it here in jkhub and was recommended to use openjk and JA++.


At first openjk crashed in both sp and MP, then, although I don't play MP, tried adding JA++ to the MP shortcut just to test the mods in a solo game and it worked. I then tried it with SP and it worked too so I kept it in the shortcut.


Maybe wrong but is how I got it not to crash.


I will check for the new openjk version tomorrow.

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Relax a bit, you just need to make a new version of the NPC without force powers, then rename it to avoid sharing the same name as your other NPC, because when force powers are maxed out and you encounter the force selection screen again, you'll be softlocked.

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Thanks for the feedback. That was the second thing I tried, but for some reason (doesn't makes sense to me) didn't worked for the current game, had to start the entire game again. To continue the game where I was, I had to use a cheat to downgrade the some of the force powers. 


I also found a mod called "Unlocker_v403" that bypasses the force selection screen but I will stick with the NPC solution.

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If helpusobi 1 is turned on before that menu displays with OpenJK you can continue past that screen anyways.


Thanks. I am not sure about that since I haven't used it before. I used because in my search, I found some information how to increase the force levels so I tried it the opposite way.

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I didn't used "setForceAll"....As I mentioned above, I am using a mod (Seven's "Galen Marek Jedi Adventure Robes") that already had some powers set up so I eventually ran out of powers to select/increase. I modified the npc and removed the powers.

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This is a Base game issue, not specific to OpenJK and easily remedied by loading the last save and enabling cheats then typing setforce<power> (Light/Dark NOT Jump/Push/Pull/Speed/Sight) 2 to lower one of them to 2 so you can add a point to continue progression.


This issue will occur at any point of the game prior to Korriban when you're given the chance to upgrade/add powers if you've used setforceall 3 or used playermodel <model with all powers at 3 already>

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MB2 Beta Tester / MB2 FA Assistant Dev

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Thanks Zeros Darok:


Yeah, in my searches I found out how to use "setforce power <force> <1-3>" so I set a few force powers I normally don't use to 1 with a "bind key" so from time to time I pressed the bind key  but I didn't liked it so I modified the model's npc to remove those powers. So far, I have no issues but I had to start the game all over again, let's see when I progress enough.

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Well luckily the game takes only a couple hours to complete, so I don't think that's all that much of an inconvenience. :P and if you're modding the game, I'd assume you have played it already.

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Yeah...I play it, finish it and start again with a different model.



BTW: I am not really modding the game. I wish I had the time and knowledge. I am just trying to fix some issues with some of the models I like.

I mean you're using mods. :P


And I understand. I did the same exact thing for years. Just played SP, tried out new mods, over and over. Eventually learned modding and became addicted to it. :lol:

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Yep, is a learning experience. I've learned some stuff and fixed Dark_Apprentice's starkiller pack issues (models not showing in SP menu, models with "white parts" (missing shaders), hood not showing in some models, etc. I also learned how to add sber hilts to SP menu and made a mega pack with around 40 hilts I can choose from.


I would like to learn how to Frankenstein models. I finally got blender running with the JA plugin but running into some issues (I think that would be for another thread)

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