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Load an MP map in SP

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The base mp maps just need 'mp/' before them in the console.


Eg. 'devmap mp/ffa1'


I tried, but it doesn't work, I put the map in maps/mp folder and and typed devmap mp/mb2_cmp arena but it doesn't work. It tells me he couldn't find a spawn point. If you want to take a look just for trying I could give you the map (however it is from MBII and has been made only for mp).

So there's nothing to do ?

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Hi everyone, I was wondering if it possible to load an mp map on sp. I mean a map made entirely and just for mp, like some MBII maps we can't load in single player because there is no spawn point. Hope to receive an answer, even to take off a curiosity. Thanks :)


Unfortunately, to my knowledge, it's not possible. SP uses a few different entities than MP does to control spawn points. MBII (I think) even has their own unique ones. Not 100% sure, but I think if you get that error, you might be out of luck. :(

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