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JA++ Updates


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It's been a while since a Windows build was available on the site, so I made one just then.

I can't guarantee XP support.


Let me know if you have any issues, with exact error messages and your OS + version


Download here

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Changed the link to the repo for ya, raz
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Keep getting a VM_Create on UI failed error when I attempt to launch the JA++ Client. The serverside version works fine though.


Operating System is Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32-Bit.


I could be wrong, but I believe that error occurs when the EXE isn't set to 'Run as Administrator'.

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JA++ hasn't had a minimise command since 2013, you must have had an extremely old build, missing out on a lot of stuff ;o

The only reason I was using an older build of the client was because I was unable to get the newer ones to work. Should've used OpenJK from the beginning...


Also I am currently using the latest build and the "minimize" command still works :P

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Updated again

+ Widescreen ratio fix for HUD, crosshair etc

* Optionally disable SQL in builds, you'll need to compile yourself with no_sql=1 through scons

+ Added cg_queueCenterprint (default 0) as MotDs on servers were taking far too long to disappear.

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Just made another build for Windows. Download it from here.


Here are some of the changes:




+ Added cg_drawScoresNet

* Improved cg_smoothClients for local player

+ Added ©g_jpluaAutoload to control which plugins to place (e.g. "0", "1", or "razhud mystats plugin3")

+ Added lua_disable, lua_enable, lua_list

* Fix Ghoul2 related crash that happened on some platforms

* Fixed retail jamp.exe support

* Fix some (Siege) voice chat bugs

+ Added clickable URLs to chatbox

+ Added japp_preciseFonts (requires OpenJK)

* Fixed widescreen aspect-ratio correction for most HUD elements

* Fix crash + exploit related to selected force powers with modified clients

+ Added support for JA+ spin kicks (japp_allowSpinkicks on server)

+ Added japp_kickTrace (more accurate melee kick collisions)

+ Added more diagnostics to entspew (fatal error when >= 1022 entities spawned)

* Fix grapple hook being fired (or not released) during an attack

* Fixed flying vehicles not being able to lean left or right

+ Allow amkiss 'victim' to slap kisser with force push

* Fix placed misc_bsp causing issues, bug introduced recently

* Disable cg_drawRewards if no assets are found

* Fix server crash when using amkick, bug introduced recently

+ Added japp_saberTweak value 256 to never used location-based damages for sabers

+ Remove limit on custom species, fixes crash with certain customisable skins

* Fix some more widescreen ratio alignments for HUD (japp_ratioFix)

+ Added insert/overstrike support to new chatbox.

* Changed new chatbox cursor to vertical bar

* Fix saber trails of certain moves never fading, drastically lowering FPS. Bug was introduced recently

* Fix animations for spin kicks with staff saber

+ Added WIP mini scoreboard as cg_drawScores 2



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Just made another build for Windows. Download it from here.


Here are some of the changes:


+ Added japp_sortScoreStyle to sort score by kills, net, kdr, kpm, clientNum
* Normalised some more CGame font rendering - "server is changing maps" and "connection interrupted"
+ Added tab-stop to bad chars checked with USERINFO_VALIDATION_CONTROLCHARS
* Removed cheat-protection on d_saberAlwaysBoxTrace, d_saberBoxTraceSize, d_saberGhoul2Collision, d_saberInterpolate, g_allowNPC, g_saberRestrictForce
+ Added japp_showNextMap which will attempt to decipher mapcycles
+ Added chatbox key handlers for Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End to scroll to the first and last messages respectively
But most importantly there were some behind-the-scenes changes which means some very cool/useful plugins are coming soon - including killtrackers, new HUDs, entity interaction on servers - so make sure you grab this build :D
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Having an absolute blast Raz0r, thank you so much for creating and maintaining this mod.


About to get some first timers in to play a round of CTF this weekend and now with openjk and ja++ these days, the experience of playing Jedi Academy multi-player and moderating a server is simply a pleasure.


Much love to you.

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Just made another build for Windows. Download it from here.


Here are some of the changes (January -> June):


+ Added cg_predictGrapple to enable/disable grapple hook prediction.

+ Added ammindtrick

+ Added japp_corpseRemovalTime

* Fixed crosshair disappearing when looking at bmodel entities

+ Added japp_instantSaberSwitch

* Fix rocket lock bug when sleeping players

+ Added full-force duels

+ Added ability to execute some admin commands from server console

* Fixed some amsleep bugs

+ Added grapple hook swinging animations

* Fixed new chatbox not preserving colours for messages that span multiple lines

+ Added *.tk domain to chatbox URL list

+ Added slapping animation to prevent amkiss (force_throw)

* Improve chatbox URL matching to support any prefix

* Show the right chat colour on the input line based on global, team and whisper modes

+ Added ability to click in the chatbox input line to move the cursor

* Fixed chatbox tab-completion not preserving the previously used colour

* Load "hacking" icon for (T)FFA, it's used in map modding

* Load Power Duel icons for (T)FFA, it's used on the new scoreboard

* Fix score_line HUD element not being right-aligned (was overlapping HUD)

+ Added interpolation / extrapolation value to lagometer to assist cl_timeNudge setting

* Fix case where chatbox URLs were not aligned properly when using timestamps

+ Added viewmodel swaying via: cg_gunMomentumEnable, cg_gunMomentumDamp, cg_gunMomentumInterval, cg_gunMomentumFall

* Match new chatbox defaults more closely to base

* Removed cg_chatboxLineHeight (unused), fixed chatbox tabs being broken

+ Ammo pickups only spawn if a useable non-melee weapon is enabled via g_weaponDisable

+ Added infinite ammo in duels

* Default japp_unlagged to 0

* Fixed amdropsaber duplicating sabers

+ Added japp_allowDropSaber

* Fixed merced players not retaining items/weapons properly across spawns

* Flipkicking no longer affects protected/invulnerable players

* Fix cg_predictGrapple when there are dropped sabers

* Fix camera pitch restriction not letting you look directly up/down

* Improve viewmodel sway

+ Added support for JA+ style ui_modSay/chat menu

+ Allowed second argument in cg_forceOwnSaber/cg_forceEnemySaber to control second saber

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Does a confident* Windows user feel like being a guinea pig for my latest experiments? (14.4 MB of badness)


Shared assets (for clients and servers):

Client assets:Client binaries:Server binaries:Client JPLua plugins (optional):Server JPLua plugins:* won't complain when things don't work and can work things out for themselves



Best to install this to a fresh copy of JA running latest OpenJK.

Mostly what I'm looking for is if it works on your version of Windows and any issues you run into / steps to take. It should just work.

Linux users also welcome to try out the new desktop notifications :^)

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