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Experiencing a weird bug when he grabs you take a look and see what you think. I imported tge source tags and skele and didnt rename them or anything and when you get grabbed youre bolted to the mesh root not r_hand. Craziness



Nowhere near done, i have a new anim for the grab and grab kill that he does with his left hand and a pretty cool fatality animated, but without the fix of this tag issue they are pointless. Id also like to change around his sounds before uploadibg final version. Would be better if an actual texture artist played around with it for a while as well

Ill go finish up that lava effect now

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To eliminate the run around... heres what ive done/tried...


I imported the source rancor, deleted his mesh. Imported my mesh. Made sure all transforms were reset, rigged and exported. Noticed the problem. Reimported the r_hand tag, reset transforms, tried again... same stuff. Only differences between the junk titan and source rancor were the mesh names and LODs, so i copied the source exactly with mesh names and LODs and same stuff

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If i spawn him as an actual rancor replacement, it works... looks like source code woes. Ill just release this as a replacement for now until i can figure something else out. So now im just going to add in a new death anim and a new grab/fatality a little smoother than what i had and i should be sending this to the admins tomorrow (work)

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