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Rebel Pilot Luke


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  1. 1. A new Pilot Luke?

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I made up a tweaked up version of Circa's Pilot Luke, basically adding what Circa did not to his Luke model/skin. The features added is not very significant so I am kind of on the fence on releasing this, What do you guys think? Also, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with skinning textures on Luke's helmet









This was just thrown together, I plan on changing up the skin a little and editing some bits and pieces of the model (Especially the visor which had luke's forhead poking through it).


Feedback is appreciated. 

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As I've PMed jolly, I'll do permission for anything Toshi related as he gave me permission to do what I want with his models. Just credit him and you should be fine, if he's not then I'll take the heat. :)


When I manage to talk to him next, I'll try and get him to register here. He's very busy though.

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