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Has anyone laid claimed to this ugly bug yet? If not, and if it's not immediately required, then I'd like to take a shot at it. I think it will help me with many of my learning objectives. I can't start on it right away... my current priorities are getting the dotXSI plugins compiled and working thru versions Max 2014... and then my character rigging. But it looks like it would be an intriguing undertaking... can this be assigned the poison weapon like the probe droid? I can't remember exactly from the game how the stings from this creature affected Kyle.

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The wiki says they can also bite you with their teeth... I'm just thinking these these could be pimped-up a little bit... by having a poison effect from either a teeth bite or the tail (like a scorpion...) that would give you the poison/injection effect like the probe droid)... also I think they should fly a bit faster -- not quite as fast as hummingbirds though, but faster than a meandering bumble bee. Also, from what I recall from the game, if you snuck up on them... you'd find them stationary until you triggered there motion ( I don't even think their wings were beating)...


*Edited my reply.

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They are a fascinating creature for sure, though it'd be interesting to see how they get deployed in game. The closest I can imagine is the Sentries in outcast... Floating around, changing position, opening and closing the exterior panels. There aren't a lot of animations on the in-game creatures though, a bite and tail swipe could be pretty challenging. It sure would make the level more authentic though!

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The animations in the 3d program are incredibly simple, it's coding them to work properly in game that will be the most work for this creature.


That's true, though it always seems to be the case... Modeling software has advanced quite a bit, but until the open code is finished we're still dealing with the limitations of an older game. Still, such great promise in this creature!

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Not sure, Archangel talked about it some time back, if he didn't show anything after a while I was just going to knock it out since it shouldn't be too hard to model and animate since like you said the hardest part will be to actually make it work code wise.


Since you seem to be taking an interest in some of the models I'm sure @@DT85 would be glad to have your help either for just a few things or being full on the team. ;)

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There's weapons to be made, I'd suggest starting there. No one else has started on weapons.


Just an FYI: Viewmodel weapons will be using Ghoul2, so that means moving parts are possible so bear that in mind when modelling. ;)

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I had to put my own Jedi Outcast "modernizing" project into stand by to take drawing lessons. Now I'm working on my game from scratch, so I don't think I can commit to a mod. I can, however, take time off from my daily routine to come here, do some draw overs or model simple stuff. I can tackle a gun or two maybe. Let me know which one you want remodeled.

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For weapon models there no need for a high poly model to make the normals. It's faster to make a height maps by hand with the smaller details carved or written and then convert it to normal maps. Crazybump can achieve some remarkably good normal, specular and occlusion maps just from a simple texture. I would concentrate more in making a terrific model, a terrific texture instead. For things that need a more organic detail level I would go for a sculpt or similar.

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Might be faster, but it's certainly doesn't give the best visuals. You have to rely on smooth groups/hard edges to stop odd shadows showing up. Hard surface models such as weapons look ALOT better with high poly generated normal, AO & cavity maps. You then use crazybump for really fine details if you don't want to take the high poly into a sculpting program and add to it. The uber pro's (not me lol) make their weapons purely in the sculpting program. Using crazybump alone is generally only useful for walls, floors & ceilings. Have a look at some of EPIC's weapons and you can tell right off the bat that their normals are generated from high poly models.



Right now, there aren't any normal maps available and I expect this won't be the case for probably a year or so.

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I'd just do a low poly and texture it. As I said, there's no normal maps for now so we don't need to worry about them. It's a lot faster using photoshop for just a diffuse & specular than a high poly bake.



Side note:


If there was a coder onboard, I'd love to move this to UDK.

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