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I really don't think it would work well at all, he was designed to use a custom skeleton with his own animations to be used an an NPC that would only be seen in the level. His proportions do not match the player skeleton.


I'd really like to be able to spawn him as an NPC in MP?

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 @@DT85 Haha, I actually just opened him up and started to mess with a few little things.


The model is completed, it's such an odd model with so little reference out there, hope it turns out decent. I was about to move forward and start merging the 30+ primitives into groups and from there start UV mapping.


Animating the AT-ST kinda had my attention for a while, also got carried away seeing it walk around in Artus Topside as well as redoing a large amount of the TIE Bombers mesh.


It's also currently sitting just under 5k polies, I'll keep the groups low enough for stencil shadows.

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Don't worry about that, just make sure it has LODs. The code will automatically goto the lowest LOD in the model if LOD0 is too high. ;)





From what I can tell, there is no such code for MD3 models if LOD0 is too high. Would be a good thing to add to OpenJK methinks, if you decide to either add RF_SHADOW_PLANE to MD3 ents or just remove the requirement for RF_SHADOW_PLANE altogether while leaving the other checks in place like I've done in DF2's code.

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Taking time to work on it, ignore the messy UV islands, that gets done last. Had a lot going on lately with seeing about going back to school and having a jacked up elbow, running around town seeing specialists.


I'm trying to have the UV's finished within the next 24 hours at least so it can be shipped off for texturing while I simultaneously set up a skeleton and walk cycle.

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No, recently hired on AshuraDX as the main 2d artist, he's honestly the best here IMO, I'm terrible at textures. I'm more of a technical person than an artist, I'm more useful as someone to build complex rigs and animations than anything but I'm a decent modeler so I fill in there as well.

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