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Differences Between Luke Models

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So I posted this in a status update but I really didn't notice this difference until yesterday.


I always thought the JO & JA Luke models were the same, just different face textures. They're actually different models. At least in the face they are. The JO model looks to have a slimmer head/face and a different nose than the JA one. 


Just look:




I know the default JA face isn't really part of this comparison other than the fact that it looks nothing like Luke, or any human that lives for that matter. :P


Am I the only one that didn't know this?


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When I played JA for the first time many-many years ago, I thought at first, that there was some kind of a glitch with Luke Skywalker model. Anyways I expected a new appearance of him in this game after I saw some pre-release pictures. One of them, showing Luke (as well as other characters), looked very much like this one.


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