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Map Failing to Load

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^ Basically, I've been compiling a level and running around without an issue. However, if I /devmap to restart the same level while I'm in it, the level doesn't load. More worryingly, if I load this level from a target_level_change in a previous level, I also get this error, as demonstrated in the video.

I'd just like to know what directly causes this and what I can do to ensure it doesn't happen. If anyone's able to steer me in the right direction, it'd be appreciated. 🙂

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Very strange. I've only seen this type of behavior in MP, when trying to load a map after connecting to it and somehow disconnecting from the server. I can only think it could be related to entities, so my suggestion is to try that way, start removing and see if this fixes it.

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I seem to have fixed it! My info_player_start is targeting a target_scriptrunner that does the opening cutscene etc. The same script also fires another target_scriptrunner that spawns a load of NPCs. All I did was add a 1 second wait time to the NPCs spawning in and magically it's happy to work. 😊

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On 11/25/2022 at 8:05 AM, mrwonko said:

Can you share the broken version of the map? This looks like a bug in the code that should be fixed, but we'll need a way to reproduce it first.

Sorry, I was away for the weekend! I didn't keep a copy of the map in that state, I'm afraid. Once I swatted the bug, I just ploughed on through. Just very eager to get to my next update! 😁
I'll keep this in mind if I run into similar problems with the next level. 

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