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Jedi Academy: Enhanced

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JA: Enhanced is a project to enhance the overall performance and experience of Jedi Academy single player, both visually and functionally. This includes many areas such as gameplay, new features, better effects and models, and more. Essentially this is what everyone needs to have the best JKA SP experience without needing to hunt for and download all of these mods individually, without having too much bloat that you may not want. This used to be a much bigger project recently scaled down to be a bit more attainable. Lots of code work has already been done for this mod specifically, while the collection of the rest of the mods have been made by creators in the community.

THIS POST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS AS LONG AS THE MOD IS IN PROGRESS. Go here to suggest a mod you think should be added.

Features already done

OpenJK Based. On top of the benefits this mod will be providing, it will run on OpenJK, along with all the bug fixes it brings.

New core code features:

  • RGB Sabers: These can be set in the menus or by setting the sabercolor to a hex code in the console - for example "/sabercolor 1 xff0000" will set the first lightsaber blade to be red. It is possible to set the sabercolours of NPCs by setting their sabercolor to a hex code in the .npc file. If you want to set one sabercolour for base and one for this mod, you can set the sabercolor of the NPC or lightsaber to the base value, and sabercolorRGB to the RGB value for this mod. Higher blade numbers are set with saberColorRGB2, saber2ColorRGB3 etc.
  • SFX Sabers: SFX Sabers can be enabled in the console by setting cg_SFXSabers to 1.
  • Ignition Flare: A lightsaber ignition flare can be enabled in the console by setting cg_ignitionFlare to 1. A custom ignition flare can be specified for a lightsaber with "ignitionFlare <shader>" in the .sab file.
  • Custom Sabers: Now lightsabers can be customised like the player species. An example customisable hilt is included thanks to AshuraDX.
  • Saber Holsters: Lightsabers are now holstered when not in use. A tag_holsterorigin can be added to a hilt for better placement. Adding "holsterPlace <none/hips/back/lhip>" in the .sab file specifies where a hilt will be holstered.
  • Headswapping: Several new heads are available for the human male and human female species. You can add your own heads - see the .headswap files in the sp_custom.pk3 for examples. NPCs can have heads set using the playerHeadModel and customHeadSkin commands in their .npc file.
  • RGB Character Colours: Adds an RGB slider option to all player species.
  • Better Entity Spawning: The /spawn command now supports entity keys, e.g. "spawn fx_runner fxFile the/file".
  • .eent files: Maps now load entities from mapentities/mapname.eent in addition to loading them from the .bsp file.
  • Saber ignite twirl toggle: option to disable saber ignite animation, to be more like MP
  • Extra Player Tints (Unused): Playermodels are able to have multiple tints. If you enter “newPlayerTint 0 <R> <G> <B>”, any shader stages for the player with “rgbGen lightingDiffuseEntity 0” will be tinted to this colour rather than the usual.
  • Ghoul2 view models: First person view weapon models are now allowed to use .glm models using eezstreet's code.
  • Detachable E-Web: The player can detach an E-Web from its mount by pressing the Use Force button whilst using it. While the E-Web is equipped, the player moves more slowly.
  • More usable weapons: The tusken rifle and noghri stick are fully usable by the player. A DC15-A clone rifle, DC15-S clone blaster and E-5 droid blaster have also been added.
  • Katarn Saberstyle: a gun / saber stance. Not completely ready yet, but you play around with it (with cheats enabled) by doing "give weapon_bryar_pistol" and then "setsaberstyle katarn" in the console.
  • Saber throw: Saber throw is now a force power.
  • New force powers: Force Insanity, Destruction, Repulse and Stasis have been added. Force Repulse is gained automatically during the SP campaign. NPCs can use Destruction and Stasis. For faster force regeneration, g_forceRegenTime has been brought over from MP.
  • TrueView: As seen in Open Jedi Project and all the other mods that used it, TrueView shows the player model in first person view. You can turn it on for guns with cg_trueguns and turn it on for sabers with cg_fpls.
  • Radar: The radar system from Siege in MP now works in SP. Giving NPCs and misc_radar_icon entities the icon key will set a custom icon. A 2D minimap is also loaded from minimaps/mapname.mmap.
  • Added eezstreet's AI workshop
  • Toggle between pistols with pistol bind
  • cg_ignitionSpeed scales saber ignition speed
  • Click-drag to rotate player model in customisation screen
  • MP-style saber hilt list

More customization.

  • Improved jedi_hm DT's very nice improved Human Male jedi is included as a starting point, not final.
  • In-game saber menus
  • More saber hilt options
  • camSP

Fix mods.

Quality improvements.

To-do list

  • More species options
  • Saber/gun style animations
  • HD remakes of all weapons
    • Disruptor rifle
    • DEMP2
    • Repeater
    • Concussion rifle
    • Rocket launcher
    • Detpack
    • Thermal Detonator
    • Trip mine
  • Cheat menu

Feature Requests

If you have any requests for features you’d like to see, please post them in the thread below. We will not include every request, but we encourage you to ask anyway.

Suggest new mods here

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