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JA:Enhanced revised

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We have revised this project a couple times now, but this is hopefully the last time. As many of you noticed, this project was very large, hoping for a big push from the community to contribute towards it. That vision mostly failed, with redsaurus being the only one to do the core work on the code changes. He has done some amazing work on his own over the years and we are looking towards a revamp of the vision with his code changes as the base of it all.

Before, we planned for more missions, new mission picker layout, tons more customizations, etc. It was a lot. It was also going to cover both JK2 and JKA. After eezstreet left the project, the JK2 side also went with him. So we officially are focusing completely on Jedi Academy going forward first. If things go well and we get to a release we feel is good, we may move on to doing the same with JK2.

What's different? Well, a more reachable goal. This mod's goal is to have the best possible experience for Jedi Academy singleplayer by fixing bugs, improving visuals, and adding features by collecting mods that have already been created and fitting them all in one package so it all works and all only has to be downloaded once. 

Our entire description and to-do list can be read here

We still need help with some remaining things, but also want any suggestions for mods that already exist that you think should be included. Let us know below!

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I agree, that was the biggest feature we were all excited about. I do think @MagSul created a starting point for all of that, which looked and worked great, but I'm not sure how far along he is or if he plans to get it finished for this mod or if he'd rather keep it for his own.

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