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JKFiles Uncut 1-19

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So, here's a funny story.

Yesterday, while sorting some old files, I came across a references to the filefront days.

This led me to google. Google led me to a thread about JKFiles' closure.

The thread led me to someone bringing up those god awful comics Inyri and I did.

Once I'd been reminded of those, I was forced to relive the cringe.


Now, I can't let that go unpunished.

So here I am dealing some karma.

Comics 20 through 26 are lost forever.

But the remaining 19 are truly awful enough for you all to suffer as I did.


Read 'em and weep, you sods!




....and with that done, brexit stage left.


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Holy shit, it's @Kouen!

JKFiles Uncut was legendary, this is gold! Thanks for sharing. I miss those JK3files days so much. Mod reviews were the greatest thing ever and I really wish JKHub had launched with that feature.

I'll always appreciate what you guys did back then, especially goofy stuff like this!


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Wow that brings back a lot of memories, JKFiles really had a great feel about it back then and I was sad to see it go at the time.

Here's some nostalgia I saved, covering some old fan sites I used to frequent ;D Hopefully someone gets a kick out of it.








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