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My concepts for a Jedi Outcast remake

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For this project i'll try to remain faithful to the original game but i'll ad new things and secrets.

New weapons:

ice grenade ( a new tool that'll make a certain level with water easier): obtained on artus_mine

fire grenade: obtained on artus_detention

Stouker Concussion Rifle: obtained on cairn_dock1

fire launcher: primary shoot, continuous fire; secondary shoot, fires a fire ball. obtained on cairn_assembly

poison gun: works the same as the fire launcher, but throws poison instead. obtained on cairn_bay


New mechanics: I'll ad all the gameplay improvements from Jedi Academy ( some reborn will have dual lightsabers or saberstaffs)

A new stealth mechanic: Kyle can now sneak behind an enemy an one shot him. ( most of the game consists in sneaking in imperial base full of stormtroopers, so I think he'd better try not to attract to much attention)

The stun baton has now a combat animation, and you can now parry with it.

You will now be able to use your fists to fight.


The levels: i'll ad some new levels and some of the original ones will be modified.

Kejim_post: remains the same, but the red area will be much bigger.

Kejim_base: the detention area is bigger. the lab will have new rooms. the imperial workers will start in this level, and there is a new enemy, the scientist (it has a dart that works similarly to the interrogation droid, but this enemy is a bit faster)

Artus_mine: there are new mining tools to play with ( for exemple there'll be a room with a big drill). The dead prisoner will now be mortally wounded and begging for vengeance before passing away.

Artus_detention: the prison is bigger. During the officer in black part, if Kyle remains close to the officer, he will knock him down after he unlocked the doors, and say 

" I can't afford you having bad ideas, huh?"

If Kyle keeps his distances, the scene will occur as in the original game, but Kyle will say " Geez, I should've watch him more carefuly"

Artus_topside: The atst hangar is bigger and has more corridors. Desann is now fought in a hangar

Yavin_temple: remains the same

Yavin_trial: you'll have a second part in this level where you learn how to use your lightsaber

Ns_streets: You can now see which rodian is targetting you, there aren' to many in the easiest difficulty

Ns_hideout: more corridors and rooms full of junk

Ns_starpad: more corridors

Malastare: the first new level of this game. You'll have to find pieces to repair the Lady Luck. The enemies are thugs and some imperials. The music will be the same as Ns_streets

Bespin_undercity: the carbon freeze chamber area will be more faithful to the movie.

Bespin_streets: Remains the same. there's now a lift at the end of the level which leads to the next level

Bespin_control: the second new level. You'll have to find the control room to unlock the platform are. the enemies are the remaining thugs and imperials. This level has one reborn. the music will be the same as yavin_courtyard.

Bespin_platform; new rooms, and the platform is larger.

Valley_space: in this 3rd new level, you control the rogue squadron to take down a star destroyer.

Cairn_bay: shafts added for more stealth.

Cairn_assembly: remains the same, but the end of the level is modified to lead to the next level.

Cairn_stockpile: the 4th new level. This level was cut from the original game. Someone has done a wonderful job to revive this level, so if you see this post, thank you for this because you gave me the idea of this remake.

Cairn_reactor; the reactor is much bigger. there are now shields to unlock.

Cairn_dock1: in this level you'll have to navigate through ther hangar area. at the end there's a pit with a shadowtrooper. the music will be the same as artus_mine.

Cairn_barracks: in this level you control Luke, and you fight Desann at the end. the music will be the same as yavin_courtyard

Cairn_dock2: the original Cairn_dock1. New areas, so more stealth.

Doom_comm: remains the same.

Doom_detention: now you have the option to sabotage some fighters.

Doom_gunning: the 6th new level. You'll have to find your way through the gunning are. This level will have many explosive boxes, and there'll be some rockettroopers. The music will be the same as ns_starpad.

Doom_shields: new corridors. Galak will now have a melee weapon in his armor

Yavin_swamp: remains the same

Yavin_battlefield: the 7th new level. this map is huge and you'll have to help the new republic. To jedi will assist you in this level. The music will be the same as bespin_platform. Fighters will regularly crash.

Yavin_canyon: remains the same.

Yavin_courtyard: the training areas are much bigger:

Yavin_finale: the level is bigger, and this time you'll have to fight Desann's bodyguards.


If you have other ideas don't hesitate to share them.


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First of all, welcome to JKHub!

Now let's talk about this project. These are a lot of ideas - some are ambitious, some are possible. But I must admit that I don't quite understand. Are you actually working on this project or are you just collecting ideas? If you are currently working on something, share with us what you have (pictures, videos, maps, models, codes, etc.). But if you don't have anything apart from these ideas, this topic will be just all about collecting ideas, which won't do anything to get this project even started.

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These ideas are just for fun, but i confess if someone is able to do that i'll be pretty glad ( I don't know how to code a game, I don't even manage to install mods). This game was my childhood. this is how how I picture a good remake.

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It sounds cool but there have been a lot of attempts at a fan made remake.  Most fail and quite a few others fail to attract a decent player base.  Think the issue is there is only a limited amount of people with nostalgia for the JK series.



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I know, but remaking this game could attract new players who can't handle the difficulty and want to experience this story. This could also prepare a brand new game.

If this remake were made I would also be pleased if there were a multiplayer mode.

Here are my ideas: 

all the playable characters from the orginal game + new ones:

Kylo Ren

Obi Wan Kenobi

Anakin Skywalker

Darth Vader


Moff Gideon

that's for the base game because a proper remake wont miss DLC's ( unfortunately)


I'd like this remake to be made with the ID tech 6, because the original game was made with the ID tech 3 ( aka Quake III engine) and it still looks wonderful.



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On 5/2/2021 at 6:24 AM, JungleGoutte01 said:

I'd like this remake to be made with the ID tech 6, because the original game was made with the ID tech 3 ( aka Quake III engine) and it still looks wonderful.

I dont think ID Tech 6 is open source.  Also using ID tech 6 because JK2 was made with the quake 3 engine does not seem like a worthwhile reason to use ID Tech 6. 

On 5/3/2021 at 9:23 PM, Protege said:

What's with these negative comments if this idea is mastered it's great!!!

Is it?

A few new weapons and much bigger areas.  The biggest detraction of the single player to me has always been the poor AI.

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My main concern with JO and JA is that they give you a lot of freedom in terms of making new stories, new maps, new NPCs, etc., but you couldn't add new force powers or new weapons the same way without dealing with the code. In fact mapping for JA was quite the feature, that several games boasted back in those days (Half-Life, Quake, Dark Forces II, many others). And there are other non-obvious limitations, like total count of menus available. But this is an old game.

Still I remember playing mods for Deux Ex (2000), and they've included new abilities as well as new weapons, like a rice pistol in the Nameless Mod. Not sure if they changed the code, most likely the game itself had various mechanics for this.


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