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  1. I know, but remaking this game could attract new players who can't handle the difficulty and want to experience this story. This could also prepare a brand new game. If this remake were made I would also be pleased if there were a multiplayer mode. Here are my ideas: all the playable characters from the orginal game + new ones: Kylo Ren Obi Wan Kenobi Anakin Skywalker Darth Vader Mando Moff Gideon that's for the base game because a proper remake wont miss DLC's ( unfortunately) I'd like this remake to be made with the ID tech 6, be
  2. These ideas are just for fun, but i confess if someone is able to do that i'll be pretty glad ( I don't know how to code a game, I don't even manage to install mods). This game was my childhood. this is how how I picture a good remake.
  3. For this project i'll try to remain faithful to the original game but i'll ad new things and secrets. New weapons: ice grenade ( a new tool that'll make a certain level with water easier): obtained on artus_mine fire grenade: obtained on artus_detention Stouker Concussion Rifle: obtained on cairn_dock1 fire launcher: primary shoot, continuous fire; secondary shoot, fires a fire ball. obtained on cairn_assembly poison gun: works the same as the fire launcher, but throws poison instead. obtained on cairn_bay New mechanics: I'll ad all the gameplay improv
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