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Spice Runner Map

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I present to you Spice Runner.

Intended to be a medium/smaller scale map  -  though it morphed into one of the first larger scale maps I made lol.   

It is an mb2 objective based map, set in an underworld gangsters illegal spice mining operation,  taking place on a mineral dense asteroid.   

Theme of the level would be "caustic", with influences from the movie Solo and its depiction of Kessel, as well as the show Breaking Bad (starring Moff Gideon).      Would include custom models, textures and shaders.

The red team has landed in the makeshift hanger bay.    They must infiltrate the processing facility, and retrieve and return a camtono of spice back to their ship.   Secondary obj is to destroy the processing center, for some extra benefit/small map change that opens up a lane.   Optional obj is to infiltrate the enemy base, which contains computers that can be hacked to benefit the red team/open up a part of the map.

The blue team is to defend the refined spice camtonos and processing center, while preventing the enemy from escaping.  Secondary obj is to defend the base,  the base having some controls that allow the blue team to activate beneficial things on the map, the controls can be hacked by the red team to benefit the red team.

Just to preface, this map is not complete or detailed and is not currently in development, rather just a concept I made awhile back that I'm sharing.    I do like the idea, and I plan to take it back up at a later date.   Plan on taking some of the concept aspects and cutting them down in size, and rebuilding to a new layout and design that already has a solid concept waiting to be built.


Some photos of the alpha concept build below:


Red team begins in a hanger with a freight elevator and two side exits to chose from as paths.   Hilarious Dollar Store Razor Crest-ese Flying Toaster ship docked in the bay.







Blue team starts in a command center with a freight elevator to the mine and 2 doors to choose from as paths.  Upper level of the command center has a lookout tower and a meeting room filled with all sorts of trophies, one funnily enough being a metal spear that I made before the last episode of the Mandalorian- maybe this is one of her other businesses...
















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On 12/1/2020 at 5:36 PM, Coolin said:

This map like the republic prison, has the potential of me rtving to then very often, really good work there

Thank you for the encouragement - it has a long way to go.

I will probably remake it at some point, smaller and in more detail.

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Couple more photos of different aspects of the concept:

The middle point for both teams, showing the command center and secured hanger bay.  There are panels that operate a bridge between the two sides for quicker passage.  The processing center fan rotates like its airing out drug residue.



The other perspective of the middle point.   Shows the maintenance elevator.



The lower level of the middle point.  Shows refining area.



A glimpse at the corroded cargo elevators at each teams spawn.









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