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What would cause light issues around a func-door?

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Im working on a cave/corridor templates for a map, and im having issues with light near one room in the map.

The doorways leading out of that one room show light beaming out of the doorway corners and across the nearby corridor walls.   It seems to beam out from the bottom corners of the door, up and across the wall.

Is there a common cause for light "leaking" out of doors?      The other rooms in the map do not have this issue.     Did I perhaps build the doorway sub-optimally?    Would light entities cause this to happen - too many in a room, or too bright perhaps?

Its been boggling me for a good while,  and now im nearing the stage where I want to lock down the template for my connecting corridors and would like to get this light issue fixed before proceeding.

Any help appreciated!  



The top image shows the issue, the other two images are in the same corridor to show that the lighting issue is specific to the on problematic door.


PS please disregard the poor bevel construction of the hallway, its one of 5 corridor templates, and not one in the running for final!

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22 hours ago, Ramikad said:

From the image, it seems the walls are vertex lit. I don't know what could be causing that exactly - are you sure the shader doesn't tell the compiler to only do vertex illumination / phong?

I do not think so - the rest of the corridor (s) are using the same light shader, and are not presenting the same light issue.

I will have to check to be certain - what would the text be to use vertex shading in the shader file?

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On 9/7/2020 at 4:02 AM, SomaZ said:

You put all the brushwork into func_statics? Can you show us the topology of your hallways? It's hard to find a solution from just a few ingame screenshots and a desciption.

I'm a newer mapper, only having used gtkradiant for about two months.

I've read the gtkradiant manual, the shader manual, dabbled with scripting (and shaders), followed tutorials, and looked around at other gtk mapping communities to try and learn as much as possible.

I'm still learning, and have a ton of questions, so some of my questions may be rudimentary, or unclear because I have not committed all of the terminology to memory just yet.

Looking at my initial post, it is quite a vague blanket question - I suppose I was hoping there was a common reason for light "leaking" through a door.  I'll try to provide more detailed information later.

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