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Clan Mod Compatibility and Emotes


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I have a two fold question about updates to existing Clan Mod features.

The first, is Clan Mod's compatibility.

I have a number of mods that work in base JK and OpenJK multiplayer that do not work in Clan Mod. Some are sabers, like datapad and comlink that use custom animations. Others are unusual player models like the rocket trooper or hazard trooper. When they are selected in Clan Mod, Kyle Katarn takes their place. Are future versions going to have expanded compatibility?

The other is one of the things Clan Mod is most famous for, emotes.

Right now the only sit options are sitting on the floor, sitting in a chair but looking bored, or meditating. Is there any normal sitting animation in the game that could be adapted for an emote so someone could be placed in a chair and not look bored?


Oh, and while we're here, I guess, any way to change how long it takes for the idle bubble to appear around a player? I'd love to turn that off or make it a very long duration.


Thank you everyone for any and all answers!

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Here's the wiki if you need more information: https://jkhub.org/wiki/index.php?title=ClanMod You can find a list of emotes here. The emotes available are the ones available in the base game. No custom emotes were included.


Clan Mod uses the original source codes from Ravensoft. I have made modifications recently to ensure it's compatible with OpenJK as there are lots of fixes already included with it. I plan on releasing an update soon so everyone has all the fixes available.


Both JKA and JKO source codes are available on GitHub.




Anyone is welcome to fork the code, make modifications and send me a PR if you think they should be included in the Clan Mod code base.

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