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  1. Why is this not in the mod-list on the upper panel of JKhub?
  2. Thanks guy's both answers were usefull.
  3. I have been trying stuff for the last few days and I am not getting it to run. I installed OpenJK and that one is running just fine. It's just that when I want to load the JA++ mod it simply doesn't. I reinstalled a couple of times. Tried: openjk.x86.exe +set fs_game "japlus" Game boots but then does not run JA++ for some reason. I downloaded the JA++ files from the Jkhub site and created a new folder called: "japlus". Manually downloaded all 4 maps and put them in the japlus folder, then put japlus in the gamedata folder. I want to get it running on steam because I have allot of friends playing and it's just a great platform to get in touch. Wich opens the next question, is there a way to use a non steam version on steam ? (I have the game on steam). Thanks in advance.
  4. Had fun looking around yesterday, great map.
  5. Paradox

    Um, hi!

    Hi Jarrow, and welcome to JK hub. I just returned to JKA myself and have started a clan. If you are interested in helping to start it up maybe you can click the link below my signature. All the information can be found there. Have fun in multiplayer otherwise.
  6. Paradox


    Hey thund ! I believe I still have you in my x-fire list wrote you a message just now
  7. The base directory was on read only, so I changed that. I also think I may have loaded the map to quickly. Don't have this problem anymore. Thanks again for the support.
  8. First of all I like to say hi to everyone. Second of all are there any european players left? Thing I found out is that when I log in on aprox 22:00 gmt+2 the american servers are pretty much crouded. Yet in europe no servers are that crouded anymore. I know JKA is old but when I left about 1.5 years ago there were still new players comming to the game.
  9. I had the same problem. Download 1.6 and put compatibility on win 7 should fix it.
  10. This one does not work and its almost he same room, thought I would give a small room a try and see if it works. No idea again. but this one aint working for some reason.
  11. Server is running sv_pure 0 since there is no need for it to be pure. Thing is I don't know why it was bugging out, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
  12. Yes it does now, i did it yesterday aswell but today it was all wrong again. i'll try making a bigger map thnx for the quick reply!
  13. Hi I just started mapping and I followed the tuts on the web. I have created a map but everytime I want to load it it says that the map cant be found. The "use win32 file dialog" is unchecked. First thing I did was save the map: test.map (with the extension). (I use Radiant 1.6.4 and Win8). I compiled the map with different options but none work, this is the log I get: I would love to build some maps but if I can't even test them... Please give me some support so I can start. Thanks in advance!
  14. [GoF]Guardians of Force has two servers. One for american players and one for european gamers. We play on both servers depending on the time. Also we have a RP master student system and when we are doing clan related trainings and ceremonies we change maps to a1.2 or others maps to train. The files can be found on our website www.gofjka.enjin.com. Have fun on the servers and feel free to leave a comment. PS. if your filefront does not work go to gamefront !!!!
  15. For anyone who is looking for a JKA clan with RP elements we are doing our best to provide this to you all. The current trainers are old players that have been playing since the beginning of JKA. We are just starting the recruitment process and are looking for new members. It is really hard to recuit these days so I was verry glad to see this active website. We live a RP academy system where you will be trained by a master and you will have the chance to become a master yourself. Please have a look at our forums or login to one of our servers. Thanks in advance and hopefully see you soon! Forum: www.gofjka.enjin.com Our server IP's are: America: Europe:
  16. [GoF] stands for Guardians of Force. It's a new guild with little members so far ( 2 members ). We are working on mapping so we can have our own academy map and trial maps. So if there are any mappers or skinners that want to support feel free to write me a pm. The clansystem is pretty standard: You start as a hopeful and work your way up to Master Jedi, become a Full Instructor and join the High Counsil. (We also have Sith ranks) Our server will be open to public, when it is we just FFA. When we have enough members online we can then switch to custom maps. Here all trainers and masters can teach there students and we can have events and ceremonies. So for all that still take JKA a littlebit serious these days and wants to contribute please let me know. We have been on the server for some a few weeks and little people come in so we can use all the help there is and JKhub is the place to be these days so *fingers crossed*! Sign up at: Forum: www.gofjka.enjin.com Our server IP is: Europe:
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