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Coruscant/esq city

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Yes, but nothing I'm satisfied with. I recently just begun working on it again and making something that is less of a shader test bed and more of coherent level. I have begun fleshing out the underground (below the city) more from the tunnels, the Raven hotel and lounge, and I just started on the Metro (not pictured) Other than the recent work I've come up with a name for this place: Valora.










One of my test shaders, I'll prob ditch the rain all together as Skyportals and weather effects don't mix well.




I did in the meantime build an experimental space station which is set in low orbit of Valora. The skyportal is animated where the clouds move and you can see Starships coming and going. I'll offer a playable alpha as I might not even release this as I'm unhappy with the design.






Download Link


/devmap O25

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