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Moving and Entity with icarus script

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It is possible to move not a camera or a brush or a tag, but an NPC with move script command, but not in a direction but in a vector.

for example. make an IBI script that run on spawnscript of NPC that force npc to move ever forward?

if is possible maybe i can fix the greater problem i had with my fighters NPC class codes. they fight and move like sentry droids... without costant forward movement. so is possible to get it by Icarus script on spawn of fighter? (or with other script like painscript, angerscript etc.)

thanks for every answers.



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you should do that with C++ NPC movement code... but I am not familiar with the code (sorry).

i did a read to NPC_move.cpp but is really too much complex math for me @.@ but i see that NPC have some function in conmmon with vehicles (Steer function).

what i would like to do is to create a class that go automatic straight forward like a speeder... if pilot is player, can thrust or brake the velocity. should also have turbo function maybe or something like that, but this is too advanced. moan. :(

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some week ago i did some try on icarus with SET_XVELOCITY \ YVELOCITY \ ZVELOCITY command. but they works only on absolute X Y Z of map. so my fighters go ever left \ right, \ forward \ back \ up \ down relative to map X YZ axis. but not of their vector. so if fighter chase player, also if move with a costant Yvelocity, if player run in anopther direction and fighter chase player, not have constant speed along Yvector of model, but along Yvector of map (example, if fighter round to left and chase player because player escaped to left, fighter continue to automove hitself to his left (y axis of map)

but almost i understand a thing:

+X -> to right

- X -> to left

+ Y -> forward

- Y -> backword

- Z -> Up

+ Z -> Down

so problem is how to teld in cose something like

IF Npc->client->npc_class == CLASS_FIGHTER

move at costanst speed along his Y vector Axis.

(basically like fighters move into Rogue Squadron 3d game)


this is my desire: basically player use as playermodel a fighter model and go EVER forward. can thrust, brake, but go EVER forward.

if i can accomplish that, i can add Dogfight \ spacebattle on JKA with NPCs. D: combat system \ switching weapons of fighter is already coded on my fighter AI by more of a year. .

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