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New Idea: Server Extensions!


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Over the past few days I have been working on something I call "Server Extensions" which are essentially named pipes with their own threads that communicate with another application.


For developers, this means you can attach things to your server like Discord chat, IRC, database connections, PHP forms, and really anything in any programming language can use named pipes to communicate.


For server hosts this means more functionality can be added to servers and connecting many services that you currently use to manage your clan.



  •  Named Pipes can be programmed in to almost any syntax. PHP, C/C++, C#, Java, etc.
  •  Connects many other services your clan already uses. Forums, live chats, databases, etc.
  •  Can bring all new functionality to game play and clan management. Rank systems, accounts, reporting, gameplay tracking etc.
  •  Portable. Can be used in any game.



  •  Extension application would need to run on the same server.
  •  Would need to rely on the extension author for bug fixes.


Some use case examples are:

  •  PHP Forms when submitted can send a notification in the server that a new member wants to join the clan.
  •  SQL Databases for account login and registration from in-game. Tracking kills, deaths and duels and reading forum posts in-game.
  •  C++ and C# applications for things like Discord or IRC server message relaying.


Screenshot Example of Discord connected to Clan Mod server:




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Here is a wiki article for the rules of setting up an extension if interested: https://github.com/erfg12/clanmod-extensions/wiki/Rules-for-making-an-extension


The Discord extension is working for both Clan Mod JKO and JKA! You're welcome to test it if you want. I plan on making a MySQL and SQLite extension soon. The current extensions are built in C++ with VS 2017.


The new versions of Clan Mod and the extensions have only been tested on Windows, but there is code present to support both Linux and Windows.


I will be removing SQLite and MySQL in-code functions and libraries from Clan Mod JKA in favor of the extensions.

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