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Missing Map Gems


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@@Fire Phoenix


So, I've finally got around to making this thread. One thing that impressed me with KOTF is how many nostalgic maps you guys added, breathing fresh life into them for those trying them for the first time. You included so many of the classics, but there are a few gems you missed:


apcotyl_temple: Huge temple map with a fully explorable Radiant VII ship, definitely a map worth having.



asteroid77: This one wasn't on jk3files, nor is it on jediholo.net, but I downloaded it from DGS before their site went down. It is a fully explorable asteroid with a watchtower, bar, racetrack, indiana jones temple, control room, plenty of duel arenas, and more. Definitely recommend this one. When I downloaded it, there was no readme included, so I don't know who made it originally. I've uploaded it to my mega account, link below:


EDIT: It's now on JKhub: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3409-asteroid-77/


AsteroidH5: Made by hiddenspy who also made Sirens Enclave, it's another asteroid similar to asteroidH5, but has a much more relaxed environment and music



Alzoc3_capital: A coruscant style city on Alzoc3.



Carida_academy_v2: An academy where imperial cadets go to study. Also includes small town, smuggler warehouse, and cave.



Project Rocket Launcher: From the same guy who made RPG_baseattack.



D Skull Airship & EuroCorp Citadel : These two maps are HUGE. These maps are perfect for roleplayers wanting to play on a massive ship with many decks. Includes crew quarters, bar, the usual stuff, and a holodeck. The filesize on these is pretty big though so I understand if you don't want to include them.




Casa_de_los_paris: A very pretty and open map. Easy to RP in and enjoy FFA.



Coruscant Speedway: A coruscant racing map by SJC



The Quad: An incredible map. Has pretty much everything, bar, dueling arenas, beach, secrets, armory, classroom, bathrooms, bedrooms, restaurant, one of my favourite maps.



rpg_rift: Basically takes t3_rift and turns it into a RP map. Amazing map, the apartments IMO are the best thing about it. Detailed and enjoyable to explore



rpg_jedipyramid2: One of the classics that was played on many RP servers back in the day, includes a pyramid jedi temple and an open city.



Taspir Power Complex: Surprised I didn't see this one. This map was played on many servers, rp and makermod.



Mos Espa Outskirts V2: The biggest tatooine map for JKA I've seen. I don't think this one was included, if it was my mistake, but if not, THIS IS A MUST HAVE.



rpg_wayland: An interesting map, has a maze you start off in, but the small town is a nice place to hang out. It's got zelda music in the houses and shops, and even the inside of the windmill from ocarina of time:



Tatooine RPG: While considered a crappy map by many, for kotf it's perfect. A large and open tatooine map, small town with a large desert, and space combat included.



Twilight Manor: You start in a mansion type lobby with many paintings, like mario64, where each one teleports you to a different area. Great for roleplayers.



Other less important maps:


Twilight Tatooine: A small FFA map



Ancient Outpost: For stargate fans



Back to the roots: A temple like map. Made it on the featured map on jk3files many years ago:




Those are all the maps I can think of. I know kotf has so many maps already, and this would definitely contribute to the filesize, but these maps are well worth it IMO. Feedback would be great from others as well, what do you think of these maps?

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Good maps, I remember some of these. Thanks for the list Onysfx we will definetly add some of them. Btw do you remember a huge snow wasteland map by any chance?

I don't remember that one. It might have been on DGS (they had everything), but their site is gone now. Which ones were you thinking of adding? Certain maps on this list are certainly better than others and I can narrow it down a bit more if needed. Asteroid77 for instance is a must have, as I have not been able to find the map downloadable anywhere on the internet, and by including it you would be helping to preserve it. Heck you know what, I'm gonna upload it to jkhub.


Definitely a good idea to check here, they have tons of stuff wonko nor jkhub might not have: https://rpmod.jediholo.net/gameasset

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The only one on the list I really want is Twilight on Tatooine. But I would love being able to use the JK2 mp/sp maps if you guys could, like if you could make them apear if you have them installed in your kotf folder or something. I just kinda want a easy way to load em without typing them in, but it is a want not a need so I will be fine if it isn't added. Also you forgot Darth Talon guys. Sorry for long post.

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Time to dig up the old topic. I have chosen the maps for KotF : Alzoc3 Capital , Ancient Outpost , Apcotyl Temple , Casa de los Parias (lol) , Coruscant Speedway , Mos Espa outskirts , Tatooine RPG. These maps will come to KotF with the next update. The reason why I left some maps is beacause they were too casual (  Back To Roots , Jedi Pyramid, The Quad ) , too large ( D Skull Airship , EuroCorp Citadel ) Noobish and weird looking (rpg_wayland , carida academy , asteroid77 ) or simply didnt suit my taste ( twilight manor, Asteroid H5 ). Either way it was fun to review all those maps ( especially casa de los parias xD ). Some of them I've seen for the first time so thank you again for the list @@Onysfx . I look forward to review more new maps in the future so feel free to put your suggestions people.  

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