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Single player missions expansion

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Over a time mod makers created some really great levels for JKA.
But loading them through bat file or console always seemed to me as big immersion breaker.
So I created a version of some cool SP maps that is integrated in the game's mission selection screen. 
I also added some little story info for menu, and recorded some additional voicover with Ivona reader.

Currently only two mission are added, "Crash on Tatooine" by Mercenary, and "Operation: Spaceport" by Michael May.
Maps were used with permission from their respective authors. I thank them for their awesome work.
The maps were added smoothly into the original game and are selectable on the second mission screen (between Hoth and Vjun).
It seemed to be logical, because in the original maps, the force power levels of the players was set to be somewhere around 2.

I modified the maps so now your force powers aren't set to specific value when you play the map.
You just get the one force power raise that you've chosen at the beginning of the map, just like in the basic JKA SP missions.

To see full credits and changes read "ReadMe" file within the archive.


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This is so cool.  Even if the Tatooine mission lacks balance as to where Jaden is in the story compared to the Dark Jedi he/she fights.  I still really loved this and can't wait for more.

Response from the author:

I was thinking about this. At first i thought about replacing those dark jedis with more appropriate cultists models, but then I just decided to stick true to the original map. Moving this map on the third tier isnt a good idea too. Because jaden would be too strong on the third tier. Maybe in the future I will change those enemies to cultist.

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This is the best Extension mod I've seen!!  It has everything you need, voiceovers, multi-leveled challenges, and great acting ( sometimes lol). This mod showcases only 2 maps ( atm for me 5/12/2021) and those 2 just brought life back into this game for me! Speedrunning these are also fun, so thats cool! Just overall, this is a great mod, great creations, and i would love to get like, 2-4 more for each act ( sets, whatever you call em)! It's alot, but this is just too good!!:oldgrin:

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