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  1. I think moving it to 3 would be better and keeping the Dark Jedi Model
    It's good, it really is. Makes my cheating more easy! But there is 1 thing that i just HATE...you have to press escape to use it, and i can't find a way to get my menu, so it gets rid of that, which is stupid! why couldn't you just use like...F7 or something lol, idk but anything but escape!! overall tho, besides that, stupidly smart way of doing things, and it's just genius i no longer have to use shift +` to get something like this running.
  2. Love this mod, the additions are just great. Read more of what i have to say in my Review
    This is the best Extension mod I've seen!! It has everything you need, voiceovers, multi-leveled challenges, and great acting ( sometimes lol). This mod showcases only 2 maps ( atm for me 5/12/2021) and those 2 just brought life back into this game for me! Speedrunning these are also fun, so thats cool! Just overall, this is a great mod, great creations, and i would love to get like, 2-4 more for each act ( sets, whatever you call em)! It's alot, but this is just too good!!
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