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Athena - Personal skin

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So based on Milamber's Chaos Knight model, I bring you an adaptation to this; with tribal patterns and glowing eyes... All the good stuff! When the JKGalaxies files were made publicly available and Pande made a topic about it, I had a look through them and found some cool looking female heads. We were initially going to go with a hair piece from it too, but it was very fiddly when it came to weighting and the appearance in-game with what's achievable via shaders, so Milamber worked with us and re-vamped the jedi_hf hairstyle to give a better looking ponytail and put it onto the JKG head. I can't get over how ugly that flat piece of hair is now that we have this lol, the three of us were always a good team! (just not on GTA, Mil sucks)


If you haven't guessed yet, this skin was made to be someone's personal skin, for Athena from |EFF|. Her brief was basically "make me something badass" xD we talked over many ideas and this is what we came up with. For some people there may be a few too many tribal patterns on the skin, but we are both super happy with the outcome. The red and blue teams were made after the main skin was finished, and they came out even better; it felt like a brand new skin for each one as they all bring a different theme to them, like good vs evil for sure.


We made this actually a good few months ago, but since she's gotten back into JKA properly again we figured it would be a good time to upload it here to JKHub so that even people outside of her clan can enjoy it and it can get the attention it deserves. There's very few cool looking female skins (no twi'leks don't count! haha), so this one should add to the ranks. It's got a new set of taunts to add to the skin; some sounds from darth talon, some from tavion, a mix of sounds to make something epic. I've got another female skin on the way soon!


Any issues with the ponytail are unavoidable due to the transparency, it's as good as it's going to get with shaders. Besides that there shouldn't be any issues with the skin, at least I don't think so haha, it's been a while since i've been playing JKA so if you find anything feel free to drop me a PM and let me know so I can update it.


On the first day Athena said "make me a skin", on the second day she said "I trust your majick hands" (true story).. the rest is history. Okay I tried to put something funny at the end, but it was much funnier in my head.. xD

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this release, there will be more to come soon from me so keep your eyes peeled!






Now for the important bit.

This skin has been created for someone specific, if you wish to modify it please contact myself, Milamber or the owner (Athena) for permission. Nobody likes it when something you put effort into looking a certain way, or when your personal skin get's taken into someone else's hands and changed into something ugly for their benefit. It's being uploaded here simply so others can see it and enjoy using it, so please respect that.


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