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The Temple of Mechanism (beta) Version 0.9

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The Temple of Mechanism beta, Hopefully in time for May the 4th! I've got lots to do still but the map is on the road to a final release I hope soon. Many places need lighting or finished, mostly some details need to be made for the interiors, lighting work and so forth. The original outhouse map I made years ago had a mini put putt course for thermal grenades, and the Temple of Mechanism features a full 18 hole adventure golf course (it's a beta, the last few holes are in a bit of disarray.) I have tested the map both in JO and ja, some changes made for JA to work right but I did notice I missed a thing or 2.


New stuff? Check


Player made models by


Szico - 2 trees

Boothand - Torch


Texture and sfx credits all supplied in the readme.


Golf works great in both versions. FPS iz good. I've tested the map with 24 different bots in there with me and fps does drop a little bit then but it was still playable I've enjoyed working on this map. It's been pretty neat to see it transform over time and the WIP section has seen a few updates.



If you guys like it please leave feedback on JKHub.org forums in the WIP section for the Temple of Mechanism. I like how the golf turned out. I really didn't plan on making the golf course like I did when I started lol. If you guys really like the golf course and want another one give me a holler. If a bunch of you guys like it I may make another golf course just for fun :)


Anyway enjoy! And May the 4th be with you!


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Looks like one of those maps that could have been in the actual game as a level made by the game developers.

It looks so professional. 

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ty guys, I will state I didn't take many pictures for the beta.  The areas you see are quite small compared to the whole :)


...and another note, in the golf area there's some lava moving wildly.  When you see it you'll know what I mean.  I'll make that look a little better for the final release lol

...and also the sfx for golf only works once.  I need to make it work every time, which can be done easily.

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I wish with the rancor area, you went into the mouth xD. That would be cool.


hehe, maybe you can?  I'm sure you can find out how, I won't make ya look too hard :P


Also. the download is 162 MB.  It's a big download for one map. (and I know it's a beta)  The first time I tried to download I only completed a download of around 32mb.  So if it's not 162MB try downloading again.


And a note for JK2:  I do have information in the read me file for the map about a variable in JK2 called com_hunkmegs.   If you're com_hunkmegs is default then you may experience some issues.  At least one person may have experienced such a problem..  I recommend 1024 at least.  Others may recommend more or less.  Just make sure it's not default and is high enough for whatever you are comfortable with if you have your own preference.  Default hunkmegs is 64.  The pk3 is 84mb so at the default hunkmegs, there may not be enough memory used by the game to play the map and some effects may not work (hearing fire but not seeing any fire), lava may not kill you and other errors may be experienced.  Jedi Academy should be unaffected.

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Had a playthrough of this with 3 others and we were very impressed! A big (!) and detailed map in the spirit of the old Forest House and other =LM=/Shroomducky maps. It's a very spectacular map visually, and has a nice structure that loops around in many ways, that eventually is easy to navigate. Great ambient sounds to further integrate us in the feel of the map as well. It has a very fun thermal grenade "golf course" in big parts of the map and will let the players know if you score with a sound. Did I mention it was big? This stuff is more than worthy of a download, and should work both in JK2 and JA! And it's not even the final version, so expect great stuff! 5/5 :)

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Looks like one of those maps that could have been in the actual game as a level made by the game developers.

It looks so professional. 

he is lm lil binger lol

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Been away from gtk for a bit.  I still want to finish the map. I've been playing some Swtor as Igottwormms and I do have a character lil'binger there too on Jedi Covenant server.

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