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AM_Arrevanous_7_V2 V2.9

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Years and YEARS ago I had this really crazy dream that was persistent for quiet some time, I eventually built it and released it to Jk2files "Arrevanous 7". YEARS later I bring you the "BETA" for V2, official release will be Christmas night. In the final there will be a secondary night version with more snow.

I would like to take a moment and note that this is the same beta I released earlier this year to the JAWA clan for testing. Many thing have changed since in my own personal version however atm it is not quiet ready. Theirs a few hidden areas and secrets in this map, including one that's NOT finished. However its sort of a teaser of whats to come in the final release for you folks.

Btw if you have qeffects this map looks even more amazing. Everything in this map is custom (some thing are base textures altered). There also was LOL a spelling error on one of the crystals prints but I was tired so please excuse that.

This map uses a few of my own secret tricks, including a new weather system/effect I designed (I've worked to make this much better since this Beta Btw), so please don't just go ripping things off, learn and ask permission please.


File Size : 59 MB

Date finished : 8/24/14

Brushes : 8892


What's New in Version V2.9


  • Alot since the original on Jk2files. Believe it or not this is the same terrain just HIGHLY altered and enhanced
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Just played through it. This is an extremely beautiful map. The caves, the architecture, every thing was just beautiful. This will indeed be a map I'll be holding on to. Only problem I encountered was that there was some missing textures on two of the statues inside the building with the large doors. I have a screenshot of it just in case. Besides that, gorgeous map!

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What are the purple shrooms for! Found all three and got the message but am baffled... unless in turned off the flams in the mountain pass and turned it into a tp? xD (spoilers) Great map.

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LOL The entire map tells a story, it's part of the mystery. But if you look around you'll figure it out. Just look for the thing's that are different and they'll get you started.

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AngelModder, this map is quite amazing. Another masterpiece of yours. Even though it's 2.9, it was good enough to help with my machinima cause IT HAS A FRICKEN CRYSTAL CAVE! :D Thanks, dude! ^_^

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One of my all time favourite maps, definitely find myself coming back to it a lot. To this day, I've never figured out its mystery, and maybe that's ok, but the map itself is truly beautiful even now in 2021.

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