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Mixed Sabers Pack - Rooxon's WeaponsHD 1.0 Final

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About This File

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Copy and paste the WHD_MIXSAB10.pk3 from this zip file to your "base" folder,

the default path is "C:/Program Files/Lucas Arts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Game data/Base"


DESCRIPTION: Mixed sabers pack, or rather, all else that doesn't fit in the Single or Dual pack.

All weapons recreated from scratch and based on their original counterparts.


(Lines in blue are changes new in version 1.0 Final)

- Kyle, Luke, Desann and some Reborns/Rosh got newer versions of their hilts

- New Noghri stick

- New Tusken rifle

- New Tusken staff (Gaffi stick)

- Tavion got her very own hilt! The Revenger!

- Alora's equipped with her very own Gemini dual hilts!

- Reborn's equipped with Zefilus's design of the Stinger.

- New Sith weapons (Sword, scepter)


If you want to play with the new additional hilts in SP through some console help, first make sure to enable cheats with "helpusobi 1", then type the line for each hilt respectively:

- "saber tavion"

- "saber reborn_new" - Zefilus's Stinger design

- "saber alora1"

- "saber alora2"

- "saber reborn"


All of them have custom shaders full of variety. I have also tweaked some .npc files for SP support or rather, so that the correct people use the correct sabers!

Also, some surprises, three in fact. Can you find them all? ;)


BUGS: Probably some, as I packed this up quite quickly. Will fix anything that may come up!


COMMENTS: Don't worry, just have fun with the pack. ;) Also, the Tusken staff was a request by one of our members, namely Langerd. I hope you'll enjoy it!


Tusken staff Lowpoly by Rooxon on Sketchfab


Tusken rifle Lowpoly by Rooxon on Sketchfab


Noghri staff Lowpoly by Rooxon on Sketchfab


Other files in this project:





What's New in Version 1.0 Final


  • 0.5 - First release version
  • 0.6 - New Desann model
  • 0.7 - Minor fixes to all models, textures, scripts
  • 0.7 - Scepter and sword schould work in cutscenes totaly!
  • 1.0 - Final or pre-last release.

User Feedback

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Awesome pack. Finally, a good version of the Stinger lightsaber has been made. 

I don't like the original one.

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Thank you all, your praise is the answer I had hoped for, after all this is the pack I put the most time into, if I look at how much time I spent per saber/sword made. Please keep giving me feedback here in the comments, every last one is important to me!

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You're doing an amazing job man. It's nice to see that there still are some modders dedicated to improving JKA.

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What do you mean, "fixes to all models and textures"? Just to your own custom models or all the ones in the base game?

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What do you mean, "fixes to all models and textures"? Just to your own custom models or all the ones in the base game?


Oh I think It's clear I mean my own models. They replace the originals, so the originals don't matter at all. Unless you delete my mod, they won't be ingame anyhow. :)

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Langerd, your requested gafi weapons are in here and you just found out about the pack now? :D haha I gotta applaud you hahaha :D

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This is cool. Can you make this compatible with Jedi outcast please? Thank you.

Forget about these packs, they're old versions and will stay online only until I finish the new weapons :) with guns included!

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I can't believe that this is 2 years old already. Damn. These were some amazing models.

Anyway, if you happen to work on the sabers again, could you please put the blade further into the hilt similar to how it is with the originals? It just looks weird having it stick out so far away from the hilt.

Rooxon likes this
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Also, during the cutscene that plays before the fight with tavion, tavion's lightsaber is replaced with another scepter. Can you have this fixed? Thanks!

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And, I've discovered that when you spawn tavion with the scepter, tavion simply has 2 scepters and has an invisible sniper instead of a saber. Can you fix this?

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i can fix this, sorry that i haven't replied sooner. This pack is outdated, the one i'm workin on won't have any of these issues

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